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Use Shaman Drums For Unique Western Decorating

Looking for a simple way to give your home decor southwestern or country design? Try including Shaman drums along with your western home furnishings like I did. My love for these unique, American Indian drums started right after my husband and I purchased our new home last year. We knew that because of our love for the old west, we wanted true southwestern and Native American style home decor with unique rustic home furnishings. Once that was determined I started filling my new home with unique western and Native American pieces that would match my southwest decor and entertain my guests by telling a story at the same time. That is when I discovered how easy it was to give my home that beautiful country style that you see in designer home magazines, by decorating with shaman drums.

Maybe you are like me when I first started digging into the symbolic meaning of Native American drums, and have only a vague idea of what the Shamans drum is. Or, maybe you are wondering how to choose the right drum to use in your Shaman drum circle. Whatever the case, it is important to understand the role this raw hide drum plays in Native American culture so you can develop a true appreciation for its art and let its power guide you in the right direction.

If you are lucky enough to be part of a Shamanic ceremony you will notice that the Shaman, or spiritual leader, will beat a unique looking raw hide hand drum with a soft mallet to create the rhythmic monotonous beat used to take him to an altered mental state. During this altered state of mind, called the Shamanic journey, the Shaman receives healing and spiritual powers he uses to help his people. If you look closely at the Shaman’s drum you will realize that

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