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Universal Tarot deck

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: CDN$ 26.50

Price: CDN$ 15.74

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3 Responses to Universal Tarot deck

  • Yu Mei Chi says:

    Review by Yu Mei Chi for Universal Tarot deck
    I’m a beginner of tarot and I was wondering of which deck to choose before. I prefered to start from the classic deck of Raider Waite for a solid foundation. As many resources and books of tarot are based upon this deck. However, I found that no matter in the design, colours and brushstroke in the Raider or the Universal Waite are not as delicate as the Universal Tarot. Roberto de Angelis made a fantastic rendition in watercolour of the images. He kept most of the original features and essence in the Raider deck. When I look into the images I feel soft and calm. Moreover, the texture and size of this deck are just wonderful that when you play the card, it is so smooth as if you are touching silk. If you want to choose a deck which contains the traditional spirit in a graceful and elegant taste. The Universal Tarot would be a good choice.

  • Ray says:

    Review by Ray for Universal Tarot deck
    Frankly, this is really superior to the standard Rider-Waite in every aspect. The art is good, and symbolism is abundant. Mr. De Angelis faithfully referred to the original instruction from Arthur E. Waite and did a better job than Pamela Coleman Smith. Simply perfect.

  • Yu Mei Chi says:

    Review by Yu Mei Chi for Universal Tarot deck
    This is a good deck in various ways. The artist try to render the classical Raider Waite or Universal Waite in a more soft and delicate version by the wonder application of watercolour. It gives a peaceful and imtimate feeling. Moreover, the size and texture are just fantastic! When you play it you’ll find it as smooth as silk! This deck kept most of the original design and features in the Raider Waite deck, if you are planning to learn tarot by the traditional classic system, this would be a very good choice other than the Raider one.

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