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Understanding the Beginnings of the Tarot Cards

The history of the tarot card is very sketchy and mysterious.  Recent evidences suggest that the tarot probably was invented in Italy in early 1400s.  It was first used as a standard deck of playing cards similar to the modern deck of cards today.  It was believed that the use of the tarot for divinity and the occult first started in the early 1700s.  Until now, it is widely used as a tool for reading the fates of those who want to seek advice and counseling.  In fact, you can find free tarot reading tools online where you can make a self-assessment of your future.   

Some experts contend that the tarot carts probably originated in the exotic Far East such as India, Egypt, and the Mediterranean basin.  It was believed that the Moors that conquered Spain brought the cards to Europe.  Some also theorized that the early Gypsies were the ones responsible for introducing the tarot to the European continent.  The alternative views on the origins of the tarot were based primarily on etymology.  For example, the word Taru in Hindu means Cards while the term Tarosh in Egypt means The Way of the Royalty.  Because the first tarot cards were discovered in royal courts, it led some researchers to believe that the cards were used as playing decks of ancient Egyptians or Hindu royalties.  

Verifiable evidences however support the theory that the golden age of the tarot started in the Renaissance period in Italy.  It was used by rich merchants and by the royal courts as gaming cards.  It was at that time also that occult leaders and spiritualists began to decipher the hidden meaning embedded in the tarot cards.  Divinity experts found out that the symbolisms and the numerological connections of the tarot

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