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The Usage of Healing Stones as an Aid to Spiritual Healing

We, at Good Vibrations Crystals, are pleased to be able to assist you in finding the way to regaining your Health and happiness through the love and beauty of our Stones. Through our many years experience of working with crystals and minerals, we have seen wonderful changes taking place, both within others, to overcome many Health and life problems, and ourselves. Added to this is our strong Spiritual commitment in aiding people to help themselves to grow and develop.

Our Spiritual and Healing stones are mainly working pieces, used to show you the answers you are searching for. This site will benefit people around the world who wish to develop Spiritually or look at alternative ways of Healing, by using the Stones we sell or information, which they find and read on the site.

Sharing these specimens that we have enjoyed selecting for you is what it is all about. Available are a number of very unusual and difficult to find pieces, with wonderful Health properties. In many cases we can obtain specific pieces for you, but always you will find gentle, guiding Spiritual help to choose what you need at this time. All Stones are sold to help us to work together in Universal Love.

Metaphysical information found within this site comes from various sources, including: Melody’s Love Is In the Earth; The Crystal Bible, Crystal Healing & The Illustrated Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall; Healing with Crystals by Simon Lilly; Healing Crystals by Cassandra Eason, and voices from within.

Listed below are a number of Spiritual Healing and Health Stones and the relevant uses for them:

Amethyst: Good for pain in any part of body, especially

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