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The Witches Broom! See a real live Orange County Witch make a magickal broom from beginning to end. The Real Witches of Orange County’s purpose is to create bridges of love and understanding between all peoples of faith (which are all peoples!). What you will see on our videos, at our meetup groups on our webpage is simply people who are living their lives in love and in compassion to all sentient beings. We call ourselves Witches for a myriad of reasons, one of which is to reclaim it back to wimmin (and Goddess Luv’in men or Manwitches) as a moniker that tells of living a wise life. Now, I think that’s something we can all agree is beneficial to the whole, hmmmm? While I do not personally call myself Wiccan, I am most certainly a Witch…and a bit eccentric behind the ears, just like I like my witches to be. We can all be as different as the rainbow but all the same in love.
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16 Responses to The Real Witches of OC episode 3 part II

  • TheMorganfire says:

    did you know that in some rites they annoint the tip with flying oil(belladonna oil,mandrake oil) and insert into the vaginal cavity(sensitive spot)o(with all respect to you just giving info on history) to induce visions since those named herbs are known Hallucinogens AND CAN BE FATAL so they would choose a broom stick that was larger than the cavity to irratate the area enough to the point that the oils made it into the capillaries and while sleep the oil would induce visions blessed be )O(

  • RoseWytch71 says:

    I just love how you put this video together…just wonderful!!!

  • maltbydude says:

    love the broom

  • witchcerridwen says:

    dear moonmother i wish i could sit down with you and make a broom together.wouldnt that be awsome?

  • MsGoldenGirl5 says:

    Your stone circle is gorgeous! Love it! ~BB~

  • 1MoonMother says:

    @Chetallica Thank you so much for the sweet comments…and guess what…up and sold that old chevy! Yup! Change is in the air! Love and Bless Bless, J

  • Chetallica says:

    Since i subbed your channel last week, I have been going through you vids in order, and they are amazingly insightful. The stone circle is awesome, but can understand your need for privacy. I am fortunate enough that I cast on my back, ground level deck and no one has a view but the elements, etc! Not that I am hiding, i just also like the privacy when in celebration or ritual.
    Oh, and love the old Chevy too!

  • 1MoonMother says:

    @Wadjitstar Yes, quite useful my dear friend…however, it is smack dab in the middle of the front yard and when I cast a circle for prayer/contemplation/ritual I much prefer to do so where there is no eyes (that I can see anyway) peering at me. We do fun things in the circle tho, like making brooms or doing moonlit prayers. The circle is also one of the symbols of protection that I have constructed, one of many different types that I shall one day show on a video! Love and Bless Bless, J

  • Wadjitstar says:

    That is too cool and what a great idea for a garden decoration, this stone circle of yours. Decorative and utterly useful for Craft purposes. Thanks for sharing this.

  • soltrov says:

    hi again beautiful lady!could i have your e mail please?i dont know where i am sending this but i hope you see it.I dont get well with pcs or english..i want to sent you some of my art,i am making masks of plaster,i use my own face and friend’s faces as mould.But my best thing is to make wooden wands..i’d like you to see it and get your opinion bb have a great day!

  • 1MoonMother says:

    It’s been a bit since anyone but my Lover has referred to me as Sexy…Bless your heart! In Menopause the “sexy” moves to the deep insides! Such is life! Love and Bless Bless, J

  • soltrov says:

    her voice seems like Miranda Richardson!sexy!

  • 1MoonMother says:

    Bless you and prosperity of MahaLakshmi to you Dear One! Witches Broom herb is Scotch Broom. Google it and find if it grows in your area! Love and Bless Bless, J

  • steev75 says:

    aw wow! is this your actual garden? this is soo beautiful. i love your stone circle, its nice that it has been left intact too.
    can i ask what are the witches broom herbs? what do i need to get? thank you for sharing this with us 🙂
    that witch ornament is well cool. was that custom made?
    aw what a lovely video thank you
    blessings )0( hope you ghuys had a great imbolc

  • 1MoonMother says:

    Thank you Rowanmoon29! It is our innate creative/creatrix within that is coming out in ALL of us at this time of great shift, the shift to peace and love. I KNOW that once you get your own space you will take off from here and make an even more inspiring circle of purity and innocence that will attract the invisibles through the vortex of your own heart! Love and Bless Bless, J

  • rowanmoon29 says:

    I love your circle! I can’t wait to get my own place, so I can create my own. I especially love the artistic touches you added to create the Wheel. Beautiful, just beautiful. ~Blessings.

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