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The Quantum Principals

By; LW Craig/Ph.D

Writer/Editor of Craigs Underground Press. P/T Motion Picture director for Panama Film Productions. Chaplain-Friar for United Faith Ministries of Fort Worth(unitarian-universalist). Widower since 1986 with 7 grandkids & father of 2 grown adults. Sr. Billing Clerk for Save-A-Lot Warehouse in Everman Texas 76140. Tons of hobbies ie; Building CPUs, Webpage development since early 1990’s. DNA Forensic science. Angel Magi since pre-teen…

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No Need For Tears…

 I have been a theologian & scientist since the day I was re-born in 1954. What Iv found is that; Funerals are for Kings- & “Memorials” are for Hero’s and …realistically, I wasn’t either one in this life. I do, However leave it with a warning; “be very mindful” of what truth you seek- because, one day you may Find it as I had done. You will not always like what you find. Some folks are even so heart stricken, That they even take their own life after they uncover the truth, which they sought. It’s just a simple fact. We don’t always like the truth- yet for some strange reason, (we demand it). Never mind all The lies & deceptions we choose to weave for what we insist are only for good & humane reasons… ?

 “We all demand the truth” & in the words of a Navel Officer whom Tom Cruise, a (demanding prosecutor) demanded the “truth”- the officer bellowed Out; “you CAN’T handle the truth…!” I don’t know of anyone who likes to clean his or her room- but if the owner digs

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