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The Chakra Centers and Capacityof Activating Them-part 2

Everyone knows about the 6 Chakras. In reality they are 7 in number. The seventh Chakra is Sahasrar and is generally not counted because it is the leader of all subordinate Chakras. Thus the 7 energy Chakras (plexuses) are symbols of 7 Lokas (worlds), 7 Rishis, 7 seers and 7 continents.

A description of energies and forms associated with each Chakra can be found in many scriptures pertaining to spiritual practices. No doubt some differences are there yet briefly following is the information commonly given by all –

1.MOOLADHAR – Earth element, yellow color, smell Tanmatra, sound Lum, Bhu Loka, situated in the center of the opening of excretory organs.

2.SVADHISHTHAN – Water element, white color, taste Tanmatra, sound Vum, Bhuvaha Loka, situated below the navel.

3.MANIPUR – Fire element, color red, sound Rum, Svaha Loka, form/ sight Tanmatra, situated near the navel region.

4.ANAHAT – Wind element, grey color, sound Yum, touch Tanmatra, Maha Loka, situated near the bosom/heart.

5. VISHUDHI – Space element, color sky blue, sound Tanmatra, Jana Loka, Sound Eem, situated near the throat.

6.AJNA – Tapa Loka, Sound Om, color white, situated between the eye brows.

7.SAHASRAR – Satya Loka, shape of a 1000 petalled blooming lotus, golden color situated at the center of the brain called Reticular Activating System.

With which material centers, energies etc. can the energy sources of these 7 Chakras be compared? As an answer a symbolic description is given in various spiritual practices based texts as follows –

“All the pilgrim spots of earth dwell in the Mooladhar Chakra. One who bathes in this region attains Moksha or

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