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First Lesson in interpreting Tarot reversals, taught by Krystel Highcorrell
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25 Responses to Tarot Reversals Lesson I

  • lucas33198 says:

    tradução em portuguesa

  • crazyaoiluvr6 says:

    i always been interested in tarot cards and wonder if i have the ability to read them right

  • Rissalita says:

    @Oudler I agree, I actually see Tarot card games becoming more popular at the school I go to ~^_^~ Where they teach the ~^_real_^~ ~^_history_^~, not distortions from psychotics who intentionally persist in their delusions


  • virtualtarotschool says:

    I just posted a video on reversals as well. Interesting perspective here… different in places than my own but with the same intention: to turn around people’s attitude and fear of reversed cards. I LOVE reversed cards…I use them as growth points.

  • Nesnatae says:

    I have a Minotarot deck its never been opened still brand new deck in cello. I might consider selling it if the price is right. Or I will just lock it away for another 20+ years. .Designed and self-published by Eric Provoost, the deck was issued in France in? 1982 in a limited edition of 2,000 copies. The artwork is black and white, with additional touches of brown in the Majors. The back of the deck is terra cotta with an image of a white 7-circuit labyrinth. The deck is signed and numbered

  • Oreceo says:

    However Tarot was used in the past doesn’t matter to most as this is how Tarot is used now.

  • Oudler says:

    @YMcB1947 Most people are not interested in Tarot because of how the media presents it. We should change that. Tarot games do involve memory and math skills which are absent in Chess. Psychics do have a long history of distorting and misrepresenting. Tarot cards could also be involved to teach history, math, and foreign languages. There’s a variety of educational uses and Americans need to think outside the box to realize this.

  • YMcB1947 says:


    1.most people are not interested in ANY use of tarot and will not rush to it

    2.chess uses very different skills , e.g., it requires holding a mental image moving over time and makes demands as NO card games which do involve some degree of strategy but not in the same way as chess which is why there are chess programs in schools.

    3.”psychics” distort nothing by simply focusing on what interest them – no more than a classical concert distorts for not mentioning jazz.


  • Oudler says:

    @YMcB1947 YES! I think if people really knew the truth about Tarot cards, they could be integrated into our schools. Christians aren’t the ones deliberately distorting Tarot cards. It is the psychics who are most responsible for distorting Tarot. Remember Tarot was intended for playing a game so it could serve the same purpose as Chess.

  • YMcB1947 says:

    Reply continued:

    It is not mainstream tarot publishers who are keeping it hidden; the books they publish that present themselves as a history of tarot do include gambling.

    I assure you those who could enjoy tarot as they would bridge (which it is related to) are in no way damaged by the omission and play something else.

    I must admit I have difficulty understanding why you do not lay this obsession of yours at the doorstep of the mainstream publishers of playing cards and books about them!!

  • YMcB1947 says:

    Reply continued:

    … deliberate distortion by Christians is more the culprit than tarot authors who have not done their homework.

    Our culture is absolutely loaded with partial understandings that retard awareness of everything. Do you really think that, no matter what was known about tarot, it could ever be integrated into our schools? Chess, yes. Chess serves a purpose! An unreasonable percentage of US students can not read or graduate, I think you are having problems picking your battles.

  • YMcB1947 says:

    …and everyday I encounter at least one person unaware that Buddhists do not believe in god, that Obama was not born in Kenya, that the sky is really black and not blue, etc.,etc.,etc. and perhaps you can say to this also that “most people haven’t been told of this” and perhaps that is true but that does not mean that the truth is not out there.

    As for “the default assumption of tarot as prediction” (not how I use it: I use it for meditation, self-exploration and brain-storming.), …

  • Oudler says:

    @YMcB1947 What’s the harm? It is this default assumption of Tarot as prediction which is unhealthful to our culture. It’s retarding the awareness of Tarot as a cultural artifact which could be integrated in the US school system and in other areas of society. Works on Tarot card games still are misunderstood because of preconceived notions of Tarot as prediction.
    Americans need a broader perspective on Tarot instead of this limited scope of divination.

  • Oudler says:

    @YMcB1947 Most people haven’t been told of this. Everyday I encounter at least one person unaware of the use of Tarot for games and these people wish they new about it earlier because they think it’s a fun game.

  • YMcB1947 says:

    Reply continued:

    It is not rocket science that not all histories (on anything) are accurate and many tarot readers could not care less about tarot history and often just copy something out of an existing book without doing the research. SO WHAT!? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? Who do you think is being hurt by this “crime against culture” and exactly how are they hurt?? Most people do not care about history- tarot or any other!! Anyone who really wants to know can do the reading just as I did!

  • YMcB1947 says:

    So, Oudler, 6 months later, you are still obsessing about this.

    Regular playing cards were/are used for divination. Does that mean that it is equally a “crime against culture” that books on card playing do not mention that?

    China inTibet? Yes! This? No!

    The real issue is that most people in tarot, like me, do not care about tarot’s use for gambling, as a memory device, for religious instruction for an illiterate population (the main reason church artwork), etc. None of this is a secret!!!

  • Oudler says:

    There is no rule that says that people cannot use gaming materials like playing cards and dice for divination. My position is that more people should know that Tarot is a gaming device, a variant of playing cards which could still be used for games. The denial of Tarot game playing in mainstream media is harmful to cultural diversity.

  • Oudler says:

    @YMcB1947 Divination with Tarot cards is not ancient. To be sure divination is a lot older than the 18th century, but it is in the 18th century that Tarot cards were used in divination. I believe that’s want zagyex is trying to say.

  • Oudler says:

    I consider it a crime against our culture that the other world of Tarot, the family of card games, is being kept hidden from us by most mainstream Tarot publishers.

  • AtheistFromHell4 says:

    thats because tarot cards don’t mean anything dipshit

  • berLinyes says:


  • Shadowp03 says:

    is this just for this set or tarot cards or all, i have the mystic dreamers tarot

  • zagyex says:

    you are right, divination is really ancient, predates everything we call cards. I wanted to say “Using tarot for divination is not ancient, because tarot is not older than the 15th century. Only my english is not perfect.

  • YMcB1947 says:

    zagyex states “Divination is not ancient at all” It is common knowledge that divination has been around almost as long as humanity using everything from animal entrails to the stars and regular playing cards were used for divination; saying that does not negate the history of card playing as a game. I am not sure why the fixation on an either/or situation. It is sort of like saying that because we use a knife to kill we could not possibly use it to eat or obsessing about which came first.

  • zagyex says:

    Tarot is a game, people. it always was. Divination is not ancient at all. it began in the 18 th century, a few bussinesman made a good bussines. ancient origin is a lie. Tarot is a game from the 15th century europe. However we play it today as well.

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