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Question by ? Callie Ann ?: Tarot readings?
Question on the reliability…..I just did 3 readings. 2 of the 3 stated there would be a conception of a child. Anyone had any luck/experiance with tarot and psychic readings? Please tell your tale and whether or not there was any truth. More interested in psychic.

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Answer by wolfgame30
do i think some people are very intuitive or psycic ..yes. Do i believe that everyone that does tarot card readings have psycic abilities .. Hell no.

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5 Responses to Tarot readings?

  • nemraC says:

    I dont really know but i think anyone can swindle a wanna be believer

  • Spookbaby says:

    Every time I have pulled the Empress or the 6 of cups for someone, they have ended up pregnant within 6 months. This has happened 3 times.

    I always get good answers from my cards. I use them more for advice that predicting the future.

  • pingz says:

    we are destined for some things but we can always follow our free will!

  • Lola says:

    a phsycic once told me i would become severly ill in the next yr, and i would never recover from it, but she didnt know what the illness was gonna be. and guess what she was right, and i will never get well. this illness it with me till the day i die.

  • kaneykat says:

    When my step mother was pg(88), my grandmother took her to a psychic. The psychic told her she was having a boy and he was healthy but would have a deformity . My brother was born with a cleft pallet and a hare lip.

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