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Question by mmmmmmmmmm: tarot reading?
I am having a hard time right now in my life and was wondering if anybody here can do a tarot reading for me. I think it will help me to sort thinks out. Many thanks

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Answer by CelicKitty
You can have a free tarot card reading done online, or look in your local phone book for a place to get it done in person.

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2 Responses to tarot reading?

  • rhio9 says:

    No need to do a tarot reading for you. EVERYbody is having a hard time in their life right now. We are living in the most dangerous period of our lives, between now and Nov. 2008.

    You are
    – apprehensive
    – reluctant
    – fearful
    – doubtful
    – things arent going right
    – if youre lucky enough to have a job it isnt satisfying
    – your relationships are touch and go
    – your finances are stretched to the max
    – your credit is not good
    – you’re probably in debt
    – you’ve got psychological issues (inherited)
    – you’ve got family health issues
    – educational concerns
    – personal fitness and wellbeing problems
    – you dont always sleep well
    – drugs and alcohol are taking their toll
    – you doubt your religious faith, if any
    – your sexuality is up for grabs
    – your orientation is unknown
    – you cant pay your bills
    – you girlfriend left you for another girl

    I could go on and on and on. The point is: EVERYbody is having a hard time right now in their life. The geo-political horizons are ugly, dangerous, uncertain, catastrophic, divisive, explosive, repressive, suppressive, threatening and worse. Nobody knows if we will be alive to see Christmas 2008. Don’t look for a tarot reading to help you. The ONLY thing that MIGHT help us all is if George W Bush and Cheney go to sleep some night, take some benydril for their allergies and never wake up. But don’t count on that happening any time soon.

  • enquiry says:

    I am a tarot reader.Just happen to browse the internet and saw your question.You can send me an email about your situation.I give you a reading and insight free.

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