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Question by Spiritual Seeker: Tarot Reading?
Anybody know where I can get a really good tarot reading? I’m looking for a tarot reading online, maybe a tarot reading by email if I can find somebody good. I’m not interested in psychic hotline psychics or free readings so please don’t bother me with those. I’m asking for recommendations from people who have had a good tarot reading in the past from a real tarot reading. Thank you for your help in advance. I want to get a nice tarot reading to help me figure out my career and education stuff for the next twelve months.

Best answer:

Answer by Mystic Marvin
Get a book and learn to do it yourself.

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7 Responses to Tarot Reading?

  • Mandy lou says:

    It’s not real any way

  • Last man standing says:

    They’ll cause more problems than solve them.

  • gaia3 says:

    try her; she’s good!

    I do not see what wicca has to do with tarot….roadside is confussed. Some readers are wiccan, I am wiccan, but do not read. The reader I recommend is not wiccan, but extreamly spiritual and quite the visionary.

  • dr.kristen says:

    agree- go buy some tarot cards at the bookstore (B&N sells them) and a book that tells how to interpret them. you can do it all you want to for less than paying a reader.

  • Mable VT is thinking, kinda says:

    I am not sure it is possible to do an accuate reading over the internet. I wouldn’t trust anyone who would charge you. If you do not know someone personally who reads cards and you do not have the time to learn them yourself, I think you should figure out other means to help you figure out your career and education for the next year.

  • Richard F says:

    Tarot reading is fake, bro.

    Prove it to yourself. Go to several psychics in one day. Pay them, ask for your future, and write them all down. You will get significantly different answers and none will be true. Those that might come true with either be chance, or the “prediction” will be so vague, they’d apply to anyone.

    You don’t need help deciding on education. GET ONE. Then, ask yourself, “what makes you happy?,” and, “what are you good at?” In those two answers, you’ll know which career to pick.

    But RUN from tarot card readers as fast as you can. They are con artists, scammers, false prophets, etc..

    Run brother run.

  • Cindy says:

    I had an excellent email reading with Dawn Sheffield a few months back. She’s in private practice and has a website with articles about psychic development and spiritual protection. She has a great sense of humor and a real psychic gift.

    Don’t listen to people who dont’ know anything about psychic readings. If you’ve ever been to a holistic festival or asked a health care professional for a recommendation for a real psychic, you know that real ones are out there. Most of the good ones like Dawn are very busy because so many people are looking for the real deal and there’s so much crap out there.

    Anyway, if you want, check her out


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