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Question by KinseyAnne: tarot decks?
While watching my cousin’s four children yesterday (age 10, 8, 3 years and 8 months), the oldest of the four found my tarot deck. I keep it in a drawer in my dresser. I was tending to the baby and he called out “Can we play cards?” I said yes, thinking he found regular playing cards. When I went in to check on them he and the eight year old were going through the deck and reading what the cards meant. I told them to put it back because I didn’t know if their mom would approve, and I was also a little annoyed that he went through my dresser. They told my cousin and she is very angry with me. She says I’m responsible for “corrupting” her children. She says I cannot see the toddler (who adores me) unless I send her a written apology and arrange a time to burn the deck and “anything similar” I have . I just don’t think it was that big a deal that he got his hands on them for ten minutes or so.

Do you think she’s overreacting, or am I under reacting?
ps–I had only agreed to watch the two little ones. The older ones were supposed to be at friend’s houses. She showed up with the older two too and told me that their plans had fallen through and I’d “just have to keep them too.”
oops, sorry I meant to put this in a different catagory. I clicked the wrong one b/c apparently, I’m an idiot this afternoon.
thanks for all the answer. I appreciate them. I would also like to say to those of you who believe tarot=evil that I do respect those beliefs and have never allowed children to “play” with any of my decks. I was changing a diaper, feeding the baby and honestly thought he had picked up one of the decks of playing cards we have. We do regular card games–cribbage, gin, etc) a lot. As soon as I saw what he had, I told him to put it back and leave it alone.

Best answer:

Answer by Pangel – R.I.P (((((Debra))))
she is not overreacting … if it is her belief that there is something evil about them

she is totally overreacting if she is so uneducated as to what they really are

difficult one this
but they should not have been going through your things though

but there is no way on earth I would burn my cards because someone is ignorant

give her some time perhaps to cool off

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8 Responses to tarot decks?

  • anonymous hippopotamus says:

    she is definitely over reacting. It is no big deal, the kids don’t even understand them I bet. It is her job to love you as you are family and to let you live your own life. If she asked you to watch them then she should thank you for the favor and hire a sitter if it is that big of a concern to her.

  • KENNETH D says:

    You were responsible for the children as you wrere the only adult present. You allowed the child to play with the tarot cards and as such his mom is entitled to be nad at you. She is correct but maybe a simple heartfelt apology should be enough but do not take your eyes off the child in future you never know what a child may or may not do if you are not closely watching them.

  • shadow says:

    i think if she is alittle bit asking too much of you. . . her kids go thru other’s stuff, she shouldve taught them better. but asking you to burn your stuff is alittle over board. . . i’d reply by telling her to burn her bible and “other things like that” then i’d think about burning my stuff. i’d say we can compromise and i wont ever bring that “stuff” up (b/c i’m assuming that you havent before this and you werent planning on it) and she can teach her kids that other people believe different things and that you shouldnt go thru their things/rooms.

    sides, people who use family as baby sitters usually dont have anyone else to dumb their kids on. sry i know it sounds bad but i’m dealing with it all the time when my brother’s EX wife dumps her kids on my mother (and everyone else) as much as she can so she can go out and party, it’s prob different then your cousin, but when she realizes that you put up with her adding on kids and coming over and telling you to deal with it, she needs you more then you need her. i’m also assuming that you dont take money for it, and if you do you dont take as much as most others would for that number of kids, they’re your family and you love em…. who better to leave your kids with (even if you dont agree with their personal beliefs??)

    anyway, good luck, i’m sure that she’ll get over being mad when she needs someone to take her kids to last min.

  • schmickety_schmick says:

    She likely doesn’t understand what a tarot deck actually is. She is overreacting, and I’m guessing she has some kind of “christian” belief about devils/evil/ etc. You have to be the one to judge whether it is worthwhile trying to reason with her. But I agree with the suggestion that there should be a “cooling off” period first.

  • somethingtrinity says:

    I believe that tarot cards are not good, especially in the hands of children. I believe that it is evil and when the children played with them they opened themselves up to be inflicted with demons. You are responsible that this has happened to them, but they can be set free by coming to Jesus. I would be mad also, but then again, you don’t realize how the cards are influenced by demons. I can tell by your question that you feel bad about this and not quite sure what to do. I would hope that you would burn the cards, but that is not her or my place to tell you what you can do in your own home. I wish I had a good answer to your dilemma. I hope it all works out.

  • Heather R says:

    I think she’s overreacting big time, probably because she doesnt understand. Have you tried explaining to her what they are? You can tell her that there are angel and other christian type decks, which, for the reader, would be powered by God or angels (if your cousin is Christian).
    As for burning them, either tell her no, or get a cheap deck or fill the box with like playing cards and claim that’s the deck he was playing with and burn that one then hide your real one very well.

  • philebus says:

    Perhaps you could explain that the origins are not actually occult at all – and that the images on the trumps originate in 15th century Christian imagery.

    The cards were originally created in the mid 15th century for the Milanese court, co missioned as part of the celebrations for Bianca Visconti’s marriage into the Sforza family. The new cards added to a standard pack of playing cards took as their theme a traditional christian triumph procession of the time, hence they were called trionfi, meaning triumphs, and from which we get our word trump – it was the invention of tarot that marked the invention of trumps in card games and tarot was used for nothing but card games until the very end of the 18th century!

    In all that time, these cards, that had at one time become the most popular form of card game in Europe, never attracted objections by the church – even during the reformation, when anything that might be taken as heresy could be life threatening!

    Of course, this non-occult history does not preclude your using them for divination, which has made use of things so diverse as tea leaves and knuckle bones.

  • r41n80w says:

    Tarot decks are the original playing cards. cups=hearts swords=spades penticles/coins=diamonds and wands=clubs.

    I do think she’s over reacting, but you’re also under reacting. However, I don’t see ANY reason why you should have to burn the deck or “anything similar” as you put it, if she restricts you from seeing the toddler, she’ll feel the pain when she doesnt have someone to look after her kids, and the toddlers screaming for you.

    You shouldn’t have let them get hold of the cards if you knew your cousin would have got so annoyed, but you didn’t and you were busy with HER kids that went through your private things. Write her an apology, things should calm down after that, you could even explain to her that the tarot cards ARN’T evil and that they are more or less the same as normal cards just used in other ways aswell.

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