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Question by doitffs: Tarot Deck?
I have been reading tarot for a number of years now. I need a new deck. my old deck was Mythic Tarot. i need cards with history. Card that are based on history. Anyone have any ideas?

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Answer by a seeker
Really, I just wait until buy whatever deck jumps out at me.

I just got the “celtic deck” it has the major arcana all members of celtic mythology and they all tie in together. I haven’t done a reading withthem yet because i am still getting aquainted with the deck.

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2 Responses to Tarot Deck?

  • goathead says:

    check this list out…maybe even join and talk with others and get their input

  • Night Owl says:

    I agree with Goathead. Aecletic is an awesome place to look up decks and see card samples.

    One deck that you may like (given the fact that you want a deck based “on history”) is the Golden Tarot by Kat Black.

    “The Golden Tarot is a sumptuous collage Tarot deck, skilfully blending medieval and Renaissance artwork into whole Tarot scenes. Long known as a digital deck, the Golden Tarot is now in print from US Games. The edition comes in a sturdy box with a companion book, and cards with gilt edges.”

    Card imag scans and review at Aecletic:

    Official Site

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