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I used several stones to cleanse and seasalt and wormwood herb.

These are some of Lori’s favourite Tarot Reading decks. Universal Waite, Robin Wood, Bohemian Gothic.

24 Responses to Tarot deck cleansing Ritual

  • TheOobster says:

    a tip about feathers – one should always make sure the feathers left the bird in a natural molt. If u don’t know how the feather got off the bird, that can be a problem It could have come from a kill, such as slaughterhouse for chickens, ducks etc or was plucked from a bird by a hunter that had just killed it. This could give the feather not-so-great energies. I use the feathers that my parrot molts. U could also go to a farm or bird keeper and ask them for any molted feathers.

  • TheOobster says:

    you see brass candle holders like yours w/ the purple candle all the time in thrift stores, usually for less than $2. There are plenty of taper candle holders in these types of stores – glass, metal, etc. I just bought a very old brass one with an old sailing ship design on it. Not an altar candle, but so beautiful. I love burning tapers, I have them all over my house. They are just more old-fashioned.

  • shazzypbear says:

    Really really cool!! You r soooo awesome!! BB x

  • DeathDealer48 says:

    :p so forceful of it lol

  • denmelip1978 says:

    I think so too. I realized it afterwards lol.. BB

  • denmelip1978 says:

    Thank you 🙂 BB

  • denmelip1978 says:

    Thanks so much 🙂

  • denmelip1978 says:

    Yes I thought it was perfect..BB

  • denmelip1978 says:

    I know right that was the message… Thank you 🙂 BB

  • denmelip1978 says:

    Hi Lesa~

    Wow longtime no see lol.. How have you been? I

  • denmelip1978 says:

    Thank you so much girl:-)

  • denmelip1978 says:

    Thank you so much;-)

  • crazypsychojenn says:

    Awesome video!

  • TheSunXIX says:

    A beautiful ritual… so many positive vibes here

  • HolisticQueen1 says:

    Great video Denise!!!

  • cowmax1962 says:

    Love the candle holder.. I agree.. the card needed to be touching the deck! 🙂

  • mayaluvsmusic says:

    good idea for an incense holder and safe too!

  • TomDeLongeROCKS21 says:

    great ritual 🙂

  • DarkPhoenix2105 says:

    Beautiful candle holder! Thanks for sharing your Tarot deck cleansing Ritual! BB )O(

  • DeathDealer48 says:

    maybe the sign with the writing on it wants to be touching the cards, just a thought 🙂 great ritual

  • LoriGreenTarot says:

    Hi, thanks for your comment and kind words. Pleased you like the videos – very nerve racking to make. The Robin Wood is well worth buying. I actually trimmed the borders off mine and it makes it even more stunning and easier to shuffle. I might make a video showing it – thanks for the idea. 🙂

  • ekipnoraa says:

    Love your videos and I think I will order the Robin Wood tarot deck because it looks wonderful! Keep up the great work!

  • LoriGreenTarot says:

    Hi Adrian,
    Thanks for your comments. The Bohemian Gothic is out of print at the moment and used decks are hard to come by and expensive but I do believe there may be a reprint coming later in the year – hope so. BTW you have a lovely voice. Thanks again.

  • adrianphantom says:

    Thank you for sharing your decks. I recently rehomed a Universal Waite deck, I mainly use the Albano Waite as well as the Rohrig decks. I’ve never seen the Bohemian Gothic deck but it’s beautiful, I think I found my next deck. Thank you.

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