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Question by Rogue: tarot cards?
i’m using a regular deck of cards for tarot can you help me understand what each card represents?
Pangel: its just a deck of playing cards

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Answer by silverbirch
A fantasy

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6 Responses to tarot cards?

  • J-Boy says:

    playing are missing most of the deck. Not only do this exclude the Knight of each suit but the entire Major Arcana which represent large change or emotions. So you can’t use playing cards, it would be like trying to look through a telescope with only half a lens.

  • Apeman says:

    Whatever you want them to be

  • pangel says:

    Rogue that would just be like reading the book
    best way is to use your intuition sweetie
    say what you see … look deeper into the card
    i could do a whole reading with one card when i do that
    there are so much in them it is amazing

    what colours … what do the colours mean to you
    what pictures … what does that mean to you
    what is in the background .. the foreground
    are there any symbols ?

    say what you see and what you feel it means then portray that to the person you are reading and what you feel those words mean to that person
    good luck xx

    p.s what type of deck ?
    ok scrap all that then i just realised you are using playing cards ??

  • JAAM says:

    Go to Spencers Gifts or Lady Of The Lake or some other spirtual store and they’ll give you a book on that or they’ll help you as best they can. If they don’t then you can get them fired.

  • milomax says:

    Maybe this link will help:

    I use a regular tarot deck, so I’m not sure how it all corresponds to regular playing cards, esp. the court cards.

  • psychic-junkie says:

    Try the Psychic Search Engine and look for Cartomancy

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