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Question by joy joy: Tarot Card?
I have been between these two choices for long time, none of them easy, but I found out I have better connection with being self-employed, that is more possibility to do my own business.

I played tarot card, everytime I did it, always showed doing my own business has positive answer, is it strange?

Time is running fast, I can’t go in between, I understand high risk of doing my own business, but that direction has better support, should I trust my intuition?
I am scared… help!

Best answer:

Answer by SIMON H
Running your own business is great,you are your own boss and in control.Go for it.If it was easy and hassle/worry free then no one would work for anyone-else.My advise is whatever the business,do not run before you can walk,build it up surely !.Over-reaching is a common failing…….The worst thing you can do is fail,pick up the pieces and start over….there are many millionaires who “failed” but learnt valuable lessons from each and every set back……..try try again……….if your Tarot cards are saying do it then do it….your self belief and self awareness will win out….so go make your business work.Good luck.

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3 Responses to Tarot Card?

  • Jc says:

    If you want to believe in what a card says. go ahead its your choice. But then you become a slave to them. because you turn to them to solve your problems.

  • Mezmera says:

    It’s not strange at all that the tarot keeps giving you the same answer, I would only worry if it wasn’t. I take it as a good sign that the tarot is giving you consistent answers.

    Self-employment is scary but it’s the future. Those jobs where you get to work until you retire with benefits and all that are fewer and further between. It’s us freelancers who have a better shot at longevity in the workforce in this day and age. Not that we should say no to a “real job” if a good one turns up.

    Can you not be self-employed yet still keep your ear to the ground for possible long-term employment? Nothing wrong with keeping your options open.

    Good luck and good work with the tarot! It sounds like the cards really speak to you. Like I said, it’s not everyone who can get such consistent answers with the tarot. Take it as a good sign that it might be a good answer for you, but trust your head and your experience of the tarot cards. They are just paper, after all. Wonderful paper! But paper all the same.

  • Pam R says:

    Hello Joy

    Consulting the tarot can be very helpful – place your readings together with your intuition & you will get the correct answer.

    Time to be honest with yourself & follow your dream – ask yourself this – if you do not follow this ambition, would you feel regret?


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