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This song appears on the album CROWS FLY BLACK. Check out the awesome clip of Tarot (featuring Marco Hietala of Nightwish). PURCHASE ALBUM AT: Nuclear Blast EUROPE Nuclear Blast USA AMAZON.COM .
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to TAROT – Ashes To The Stars

  • coen666itachi says:

    yeah i dont have much time to know about this band but is really fuckin great marco and his brother yeah very good that metal song

  • Varlwyll says:

    Excellent vocals.

  • Kaldranga says:

    want to see eric adams and marco sing power of thy sword together

  • jawds0904 says:

    I swear Finland has some of the best metal (all genres)

  • Aiolia1995 says:

    it’s not “featuring marco hietala”, marco is the creator and the official member of the band :p

  • MrJebac100 says:

    Wiking Space Metal

  • Izzuv says:

    @IonStorm889 That would be awesome πŸ™‚

  • cory75FI says:

    lil bit more trivia, Marco applied for Iron Maiden when they were lookin for replacement for Bruce Dickinson at early 90’s πŸ˜‰ didn’t make it though, obviously πŸ˜‰

  • cory75FI says:

    just few facts Tarot was formed in city called Kuopio, in Finland at early 80’s, first by the name Purgatory. Their first single called “Wings of Darkness” was released in 1986. rock on!

  • TheMetalhead98 says:

    hey nuclear blast europe you guys have it all wrong Tarot was a band Marco started with his brother in ’88 and joined nightwish in 2003 so get your sorces right

  • TheMetalhead98 says:

    hey nuclear blast europe you guys have it all wrong Tarot was a band Marco started with his brother in ’88 and joined nightwish in 2003 so get your sorces right

  • moonilse says:

    In my opinion every band is special with their own sound if it is with a femal leadsinger or a male.

  • freezerbox84 says:

    @gabrielstatus i agree with you in that i’m tired of hearing just the female vocalist in this genre, don’t get me wrong i love the music i’m a huge fan of Epica and Nightwish but ya…wow that was eloquent lol. have you guys heard Islander by Nightwish? I wish they had more songs like that.

  • gabrielstatus says:

    @7sleper Well, they weren’t that early if you want girls on the vocals. Warlock came first in the Metal… But what I meant with Nightwish is that all gothic bands sound the same. And I hate that thousands of names they give to metal… It is gothic metal in it’s basics, and no, they didn’t create that. Also I lose my patience with that style of singing, as it is already too common. Sorry if I offended you, but I think Marco should have stuck just to Tarot πŸ™‚

  • 7sleper says:

    @gabrielstatus not to be annoying but nighwish have a really originall sound, and they are one of the earliest bands in theire speciall (and similar styles) music style to hava a female front singer, and theire music style isnΓ€t gothic but symphonic power-metal and they were the ones to create it (I’m sorry if I’ve got my facts wrong, but this is what I’ve learnt about tha band)

  • GothicGodlessLiberal says:


  • lordlestat032 says:

    marco et vortex xD des jumeaux ?

  • gabrielstatus says:

    @7sleper In my opinion Marco sings better alone. This thing of putting girls to sing in every ”gothic” band annoys me. Nightwish sounds like other thousands of bands, and other thousands of bands sound as Nightwish. But I have never seen a band which sound is similar to Tarot. Just my opinion πŸ™‚

  • gabrielstatus says:

    @christfreak56 He is not Nightwish player who plays with Tarot. It’s Tarot Bass player/lead singer who plays bass for Nightwish… Tarot came far before Nightwish, and it’s also far better :DDDD

  • oxbowthegreat says:

    Not only does Marco have the best beard ever, Everything he sings turns to AWESOME!

  • Zerosis51 says:


    Offcourse it is! Marco Hietala

  • XgamerunlimitedX says:

    He is my fantasy!

  • Mandilore says:

    @IonStorm889 DUDE FUCK YEAH! That needs to happen! I would love to see Marco Hietala and Simen Hestnaes(ICS Vortex) sing together!

  • Mandilore says:

    Tuomas reminds me of Joacim Cans when he sings.

  • christfreak56 says:

    wait this is going to sound retarded but is this the bass player for nightwish

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