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Question by miss muck: spiritual healing?
i want to hear uplifting stories from spiritual minded people who have witnessed or healed themselves ailments in them or others that seem to defy logic…. energy and or faith healing..?
just a christian… do i know u? you live in a hippy kinda house with a german shepperd? 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by It wasn’t me.
I sinned then repented then God gave me a ice cream. (With flake)

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6 Responses to spiritual healing?

  • lea says:

    Allways signs, healings, happen. Umpteen healings, unusual signs,

    Tho us be here , WHO are You? i should trust? First prove .

  • heather of the fields says:

    My mom’s neighbor had cancerous tumors throughout her whole body. My mom called every christian she knew and asked them to pray… The lady went in the hospital and got some scans done, and ALL the tumors had disappeared. She didn’t have any chemotherapy or anything.

    My knee had hurt me for months and months. II twisted it skiing.) I had prayed and prayed and it kept hurting. Then I was at a meeting where someone said the Lord was healing people at that moment, and I prayed one more time and asked for healing, and my knee stopped hurting that hour and never hurt again after that.

    I had tendonitis in my right arch for two years – very painful. Someone at a church I was visiting said, “I see someone in this room with a pain in their right arch.” I went forward, I was the only one – and she prayed for me. A few days later, I realized my foot no longer hurt, and after two years of constant pain – I have now been pain free for 6 months straight.

    My mom had a stroke. Her face was drooping on one side and her mouth especially. We had speech therapy, it didn’t help. Then she had a reaction to a medication and ended up in the hospital again, where they did new CAT scans and MRI’s on her brain – the stroke had disappeared from 2 months prior, and the next day, her face was completely normal.

    A friend of mine wore hearing aids all her life and was almost deaf. She went to a revival meeting where someone got a word from God that ears were being healed that moment – she was prayed for, and that week started hearing totally normally without even a hearing aid.

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head!

    I know people at Bethel Chapel in Redding California have an entire school devoted to learning how to be supernatural!

  • brett_n_dee says:

    I have a 14 year old daughter who should have died at birth, but God’s merciful grace let her live. I have a sister that had colon cancer so bad it had eaten through into her liver, she is alive and well and cancer free today. I also have a family that went through 2 terrible ordeals 5 years ago and God healed my family. Thanks for reminding me of God’s wonderful love!!!

  • just a christian says:

    dont know if this is uplifting or not.
    i was a drug addict/alcoholic god hater for 23 years.hardcore
    rehab 6 times,only to fail.
    when i completley surrendered to the lord,thats when i became clean/sober.
    thank god for the gift of grace that i certainly didnt deserve.
    was this a miracle? it was for me!
    i cant express the joy the spirit has given me ever since.
    may the lord bless you as he has blessed me!

  • unabletoplaytennis says:

    Spiritual healing does not work for most illnesses but it might work for stressful illness. When one feels down, looks like religion can heal the mind somehow.

    If people believe in god so much that somehow their mind can heal them. This is why so many humans believe in god or two. It make them feel better and able to cope with life of suffering.

  • Muffin says:

    I was at a youth conference this weekend and I met this girl in the bathroom who just randomly asked me for gum. I gave her a piece and she told me about how shes trying to break her habit of smoking. She had been smoknig for 4 years and was sick of it so before we knew it we were kneeling on the bathroom floor both praying, her crying, to be delivered of her habit. When she was done praying, she stood up, took her cigarettes, broke them all in half and threw them away. I talked to her the next day and she said that as of the night before and that morning, she hadn’t smoked again.

    Also, I heard this story about this girl whos parents were atheists but God took her and used her for his purpose. He took her to heaven several times and taught her how to paint so when she came back down she painted the most AMAZING things at a really young age. when she was like 6 or so she completely dissapeared, her parents looked for her everywhere and called the police to search for her. She was actually in heaven and when she came back she just appeared in front of the police. like a ghost almost, just appeared out of thin air. they had to put it on thier police record…lol. How do you even say that? “yeah, she just appeared out of no where!”

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