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Spiral Tarot Deck

Rating: (out of 19 reviews)

List Price: CDN$ 18.80

Price: CDN$ 12.38

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5 Responses to Spiral Tarot Deck

  • indira fallen says:

    Review by indira fallen for Spiral Tarot Deck
    At first glance the deck does seem really pretty, but then, as was already noted, this only applies to *some* of the cards. The rest I found to be rather creepy. And as much as I’m a fan of non-traditional tarot, the art in this deck was entirely too cluttered. There’s so much going on in the picture that you’re unable to pick out what it’s trying to tell you. It’s like being a teacher and trying to get an answer out of your students but all of them are talking at once while a room-wide game of paper football is occurring.
    And I will admit that I have a bias against this deck after the experience my friend had. In all likelyhood, it was probably just her particular deck and not all Spiral decks, but her deck was lying and manipulative. I know it’s hard to comprehend how a deck could be personified like this rather than just being wrong or read wrong. But I could get the same answer with all of my decks and her deck would contradict that and somehow sound more convincing.
    So all in all I’d say proceed with caution if you think this deck is for you.

  • Kelli Riffle says:

    Review by Kelli Riffle for Spiral Tarot Deck
    I was unsure of how well I would like this deck when I read the description of the cards. The images are very friendly and they have a very “nice” feeling to them. The readings are accurate and have a more positive twist to them. Some of the images are of people from the 1800’s and, at first, I found that a bit odd but I realized that for this particular deck, it’s perfect. Great for everyday use or to just collect. I was very surprised by this deck and I’m sure others will be too.

  • Anonymous says:

    Review by for Spiral Tarot Deck
    The visual side of this deck is amazing, each card an oil painting that has been meticulously beaded.
    The images are big visual memory prompts, teaching you what each card represents. I also, being a student of history, love the celtic and Arthurian themes that run through the arcanas.I am a beginner to astrology and do not understand a lot of the symbols on the cards, but I find this deck easy to use and really helpful, as just using it improves your knowledge of symbology and the art of tarot.I definately recommend it, its a brilliant buy and well worth the money.

  • jmd says:

    Review by jmd for Spiral Tarot Deck
    Pity that the deck forces Golden Dawn Hebrew letter attributions: they are included upon the cards. Via the Waite/Colman Smith deck and the many commentaries discussed in numerous books, these attributions have spread widely, yet, many share the view that these are *not* correct. To have them presented leaves the person unfree to work with letter attributions (if at all) as they so wish, or as they discover differently from deeper study.If it wasn’t for this, I would have given it a far higher rating – the artwork is worth a four or five star.

  • Anonymous says:

    Review by for Spiral Tarot Deck
    A lot of people really like this deck. It just wasn’t me. I bought the deck based on the Major Arcana. The minors look like they come from a completely different deck to me. The majors all look mythological .. while the minors remind me of the deep south during early America. So, I sold it. I would just advise getting a look at all the cards before making a decision. (one good thing – the cards are not large so they are great for smaller hands. the size reminded me of the hanson-roberts deck)

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