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Sleeping Health and Beauty In the Real World

Sleeping Health and Beauty In the Real World

Once upon a time, there is a kingdom led by a king who is fair and wise. People prosperous and fulfilled all they needs. But there was one that still felt lacking. The King was not blessed with a child. Every day the King and queen always pray for blessed with a child. Finally, the king and queen of prayer was granted. After 9 months pregnant they given a beautiful child. The king was happy, he held a royal feast and invite friends and all his people. The king also invited sevens good witches to gave good spells
Health and beauty
“Be a good princess”, said the first witch. “Be a beautiful princess”, said the second witch. “Be a honest and elegant daughter”, said the third witch. “Be a good dancer”, said the fourth witch. “Be a good singer,” said the witch sixth. Before the seventh witch give the spell, suddenly palace doors opened. The wicked witch entered, and shouting, “Why am I not invited to this party?”.
health and beauty
“Because I was not invited, I will curse your children, said the wicked witch. Immediately she approached the princess’s bed, saying, “The princess will die by needles yarn spinners, ha ha ha ha .. At that time, appeared the seventh good witch , “Do not worry, I can alleviate the evil witch’s curse. The princess will not die, he would only fall asleep for 100 years after exposure to needle yarn spinners, and he will wake up again after a prince came to her “, said the seventh witches.
health and beauty
Finally a handsome prince can wake up this beautiful princess with a sweet kiss. And they live happily forever. How if the sleeping beauty really happen in this world. Is she really exist? the answer is, “yes, she is”. But not like in the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen. I think many of us known and familiar with the news about the beautiful girl who slept almost during 312 hours. She is beautiful and clever. She is a teenager from England. Her name is Louisa Ball. She has a habit that made her parent confusing. She always sleep for days. Louisa may suffer a syndrome called Kleine-Levin, popularly called “Sleeping disease.” No wonder, when Louisa could sleep even for 13 days.Louisa’s mother, Lottie, said that her daughter had started to experience an unusual habit since a year ago. Initially, he was suffering from flu symptoms. After that Louisa often sleep within a very long time.

She often spent the eating time, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Louisa now spend more time to sleep, either during a family vacation, dancing exercise, even during school exams. As a teacher I can’t imagine has a student like Louisia. “I was so upset because of this disease, certainly a lot of things I have missed,” said Louisa. “I can not remember anything when I woke up. I was thinking, ‘Why did this happen to me’,” he continued.

For a years ago, she always examined by doctor team in Sr.George’s Hospital, tooting (England). According to the diagnosis, she suffered from Kleine-Levin Syndrome, which makes the patient can asleep in a long time. They felt dazed and not really conscious after woke up.
health and beauty
Kleine-Levin Syndrome estimated hit as many as 1,000 people in the entire world. According to doctors, Sleeping Beauty’s disease often attacks young person, mainly aged between 8 to 12 years. However, the syndrome could disappear by itself. The best part of the real princess, Louisa. He never give up and she believe one day she will get out of this problem. Although the doctors team so far not know exactly what causes and how to heal people with the sleeping disease. But the spirit to heal from this disease never end. Like the story of “sleeping princess” when the prince kiss the princess and she woke up again. And Louisa believe that someday this moment will come. And she will life happily forever.

That’s the end of all the story. I hope it give benefit for us and can open wide our knowledge about the medical and health world.

My Name is Muhammad Abubakkar

This is my First web sit, Health and Beauty.

In this site all your  solution of  Health and Beauty

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