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Here are randomly all kind spells ^^

Kitchen Witch 1st episode from 2010

25 Responses to Sims2 Apartment Life (kind spells)

  • belon4life says:

    i love magic
    but good magic and good sexy witch

  • belon4life says:

    i love magic
    but good magic

  • belon4life says:

    i love magic

  • Jshaw71 says:

    sweet!!1! there’s a time stop spell? awesome, that would be cool to have in real life…

  • Inuyashalovek says:

    it would be so cool if you can have monsters and pets in the sims 3.

  • Elyonia679 says:

    What happened at 2:21 to the two girls?

  • madybear72 says:

    you have to have apartment life to have witches. you go to a community lot and wait for one. you will know if it was a good witch cause she will have a white dress on and a witch hat and their names will have good witch or bad witch in it. you will have to befriend her. when it’s enough you will get the option *teach me the ways of the light/dark (something like that) and they’ll give you the powers.

  • jennyandjoejonas100 says:


  • puppyluver7889hehe says:

    lmfao she froze everyone but her i want that spell and do watever i want!

  • HabboFilmzProd says:

    Inflammo is complete suicide! by you casting it a witch can cast it near your sim less then 4 secs. and your sim will burn and die LOL ! befor ethey have the chance to run xD sim witche sare powerful a witch once caste dmy sim to die I hate her >:[

  • TheTin13 says:

    tempus interruptus isnt kind it is neutral

  • capripio2 says:

    hi can u tell me how to make spells plz tell me

  • ppark31 says:

    can u be a witch and a plantsim or something at the same time

  • magiclover444 says:

    my 3 favorite expansions are seasons apartment life and university: i like apartment life cause of the witches and warlocks. seasons: cause the spring rain and hail and uni cause u go to school

    But if any 1 needs help with there witches or warlocks message my page and ill be happy to help.

  • ainmelover321 says:

    this is so awesome caint wait to put it on my computer today and play hopefully my mom will get the sims 2 double delux so i can play the aparment life and all my expansion packs *cheers* this looks so funn

  • efdsafa says:

    the bad warlock/witch is definetly funnier. You get to make people do weird things torture people set things on fire and even raise zombies from the dead. by the way that was not all of the kind spells.

  • PinataWithPizazz says:

    Cool!! Where is all the spell stuff?

  • maddiroxx1998 says:

    ya and if u cast inflammo its just suiside – I MISS U GOOD WITCH!!!!!!!

  • jjjggg100 says:

    ya well my father wont let me buy the game cause he thinks it will ruin the computer

  • simonxp1 says:

    when i become a warlock i will study the neutral spells and just a bit of the light, caus ei like all the whole magic, but not so many the dark

  • killer500512 says:

    whats more fun good or bad warlock/witch?

  • alcheminthime says:

    what kind of speel are there in the video?

  • xXTombRaiderFanXx says:

    me too,plasmaball1

  • xXTombRaiderFanXx says:

    in this you dont need ingredients or anything?

  • PlasmaBall1 says:

    this makes me want to get apartment life soo badly, but my computer doesn’t have enough memory and I want the Sims 3 which is coming out in February. They should’ve made a magic EP. I hope they make one for Sims 3, like in the Sims 1. =)

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