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Shaman’s Harvest “Dragonfly” from the CD release “SHINE”. LYRICS: Maybe the sky’s falling out around the babies Maybe the world is going to spin out of control I don’t care anymore What if I quit today working for the man Who said I have another, well, maybe I can its all gonna end anyway Tell me doctor, whats the cure, for the wicked mans blue’s Fly Dragonfly Fly Dragonfly Fly Dragonfly Fly Dragonfly When the skies, fall to the seas I won’t mind The cause is me When the wind, blows through the trees I want to ride The dragonfly Fly Dragonfly Fly Dragonfly When I come Give me a beat and take my advice Just let me be When the moon, turns black as night When it erupts Oh, dragonfly *Insert guitar solo* Don’t takes so long I’ll be here before you know See you in my mind’s eye Fly, fly dragonfly Fly Dragonfly Fly Dragonfly Fly Dragonfly SPECIAL THANKS to the crew…Andrew Probst & David Probst Jr. on the shoot day of this video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Shaman’s Harvest “Dragonfly” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

  • raretweed says:

    bad ass song definitley one of my fav’s right now!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrMetaljunky says:

    @MoonKnight14 fuck you fagget what do you know they got more talent in there spit then you do in you pehtetic excuse for life

  • LivingForTheFuture says:

    I had a dream of a nuckler bomb going off in some Asian country the day after the 4th of july, I came outside to the garage and there was a huge blue dragonfly flying into the light bar, I opened the garage and he flew out. TRUE STORY

  • MrMetaljunky says:

    cant wait to see these guys live

  • slimjim1 says:

    this was one of my good friends favorite songs, he just pasted in a car accident friday july 2nd, i love this song, and please remember buckle up!!

  • svengalifuk says:

    Great song, definetly old school influences…Nice too see some mofo’s keepin it real !!!!!!

  • zestoj says:

    Im not that big on rock but this song is the shit.

  • KKZReset11 says:

    @Wrior looooool

  • PartyAnimal8900 says:

    @MoonKnight14 you suck, you wouldnt know talent if it boned you in the ass

  • db895 says:

    whats this song about?

  • TheKillGuyWP says:

    @redrider4q2 Too bad Korn is awful, huh?

  • marie6560 says:

    awesome song

  • lzzy21 says:

    @redrider4q2 shine is the newest and you must own it! all their albums are good but march of the basterds is tight

  • shadowinthemist64 says:

    I love this song!

  • MsJmo1234 says:

    @stoner4212 Hahahaha! – I loooooooove your name! XD

  • zjv5d says:

    song rules

  • SeraphSanctum says:

    @redrider4q2 You can listen to whoever you want to but STFU and stop being such a whiny little bitch about it. The spirit of rock and metal will survive without little copy-and-paste fags like you.

  • frozenjedi1 says:

    i love this song it fuckin awesome

  • johncgold says:

    OMG i love this song.. thanks for posting it!!!

  • stoner4212 says:

    we get down to this shit in texas and fu@# the ganster kids yall 8% keep eockin yall on the right path

  • yagrandpa says:

    the video really has nothing to do with the song….. still good song though

  • rljames54 says:

    I love this song,his voice is awesome,I would love to hear Elliott Yamin sing this song.He has the voice for it.

  • justinoday74 says:

    great song

  • redrider4q2 says:

    You?? say?Justin Bieber-I say? Korn
    You say Miley Cyrus-I say? Rob Zombie
    You say Kanye-I say Godsmack
    You say Pink-I? say? Five Finger Death Punch
    You? say Hip Hop-i say shut the fuck up
    You say Pop-I?? scream Rock!!!
    You? say Jonas Brothers-i punch you? in the fucking face
    92%? of? teenagers have turned? to? Hip Hop and? Pop.If you are? part? of? the 8% that still listen?? to real music,copy and paste this message to another 5? videos.DONT LET THE SPIRIT? OF ROCK AND METAL DIE!!!!!

  • Louran20 says:

    Yeah I heard that. On Cincinnati’s 96.5 FM. Apparently they played “When Doves Cry” at Party in the Park. The song is fantastic. I want it.

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