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Self Improvement and Spirituality – your Personal Journey of Discovery!

“The way you think, not only affects your own life, but others around you – it affects your world. You have the power to change the world you live in.” – White Star

So who, you may ask, is White Star?

On face value, White Star is a character in the series of books The Blue Star Millennium and Quest for Genesis. Many readers, after viewing these books, have invariably asked the question “were these books channeled?”

Of course, that query begs another question, “What is channeling?”

Well, there are various possibilities, including the Channel being a vehicle for another entity to speak through them, or simply verbalizing their own subconscious thoughts. Hmmm, subconscious…Yes! But what about the super-conscious?

“There are several parts of your Essence living simultaneous lives. A part of you will always remain in the higher realms. This is your Higher Self, which is a spark of the Essence that permeates all of creation, and which is the Creator. You are all Sons and Daughters of this Essence, Co-creators of all that you see and experience.”

Okay, from this point of view, isn’t it possible that we are ALL capable of channeling these higher wisdoms? After all, isn’t it just tapping into the higher force, the fountain of wisdom of which we are all a part? So why do so many of us choose to go to others to hear the messages?

Admittedly, in times of emotional trauma it’s often comforting to go to others for guidance. Such experiences, perhaps, could be viewed as valuable stepping stones that eventually lead to the question “Are they any more capable of tapping into the source than you are?”


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