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Rule Player Versus Player Combat Using This Shaman Pvp Guide

If you have been playing a Shaman in WoW, you know how incredibly versatile your character is. That flexibility translates into impressive abilities in PvP combat. Think of it: ripping up the enemy with Windfury while your totems make torment your enemies and keep you safe from harm. If you’re skilled with this class, Shaman PvP combat is incredible fun. The downside to your Shaman being able to do so many things is that there’s a real learning curve you need to conquer to become good at player versus player combat.

What makes playing a Shaman difficult to master is the same thing that makes it so cool: all those totems. The Shaman class has a bunch of elemental specs with more than 30 totems combined. There’s a wide variety of them, with sometimes subtle differences, such as that between the Grounding Totem which disrupts attacks while Earthshock interrupts them. And some of them are very specific as to which class they are effective against, like Poison Cleanse which removes poisons as they are cast. Depending on which totem your Shaman uses, they can dispel attacks, disable Rogues, absorb the Warrior’s Intercept, and slow a Hunter. Think of any situation that might come up in PvP combat, and there’s surely a totem that will help.

So the key to success as a Shaman in PvP becomes learning when and how to use all those totems. While there’s a huge variety, a Shaman can only create so many totems so fast. If you don’t know which to cast when, or you don’t know how to keep them up while using your mana efficiently, your Shaman will use up its mana or totem supply while the enemy is still standing. Then they’re doomed.

Do you see now why a quality Shaman PvP Guide should be at

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