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Reading Tarot Cards: The Lovers Tarot Card May Just Hold Your Relationship Secrets!

Just by its name, you would think that the Lovers card in a Tarot deck would signify romance, love and marriage. Good guess. The Lovers card has a lot to do with relationships, sexuality, personal beliefs, and values.

Has the Lovers card ever come up when you are reading Tarot cards? The Lovers card speaks for itself. The Lovers card is number 6 on the list of Tarot cards.

For most people, when they are looking for advice from either a fortune teller or a psychic, they want the Lovers card to appear.

Why is this?

The Lovers card deals with forming bonds, feeling loved, creating a loving union, acknowledging a relationship bond, having sympathy of another person, becoming closer, establishing a connection, and being intimate.

The Lovers card signifies a world where there are no boundaries to intimacy, romance flourishes, and sex is passionate, but gentle. At the same time the Lovers card represents life-long partnerships, companionship, and trusting another person that you are in love with.

Given that love is such a universal need, it is little wonder that most individuals feel the need for it somewhere in their Tarot reading

1) Breaking Down The Lovers Card

The Lovers card is part of the major arcana. Love is one of the many stages of life, and that means it is a fairly important card in a reading.

The Lovers card represents that an individual is looking for a union, experiencing desire, making love, being open to love, responding with passion, feeling a physical attraction, or tapping into the energy within them.

When this card is turned, predominately,

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