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Reading Tarot Cards – a Comprehensive Approach

Reading tarot cards is a pastime that has been done centuries ago, which determines possible outcomes and predictions of the future.  A tarot deck can come in different themes but is basically made up of the twenty-two major arcana cards and the fifty six minor arcana.  Since the early Christian European era, tarot reading was already being done and is still being practiced by aspiring and professional tarot readers today.

I personally have a Pythagorean deck, which differs from other decks as it has mathematical backgrounds incorporated with the cards’ meanings.  Each card has its own meaning depending on how the tarot reader interprets the formation of the cards.  But despite the difference in deck, reading tarot cards is done by interpreting the images or pictures that dominate the entire body of the card.  In reading tarot cards, the cards are placed in a formation called “spreads” which will allow the reader to predict a certain aspect of a person’s life.  Commonly used spreads include the Celtic spread, the horseshoe spread, 3-card spread, 1-card spread, the astrological spread, and the teractycs wherein ten cards are arranged in a four-rowed pyramid.  There are many other spreads aside from these which the tarot reader can use and arrange his cards the way he sees it fit. 

Tarot reading is done to answer questions about anything to do with the person.  Whether it would be about love or the future, the cards will either tell you directly the answer or give you a situation which discreetly answers the question.  Some tarot decks require you to delve yourself into a spiritual aura and perform certain rituals in order to get an accurate reading.  For my Pythagorean deck, the cards need to

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