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Question by Sara: Why do all Christian holidays fall on Pagan ritual days?

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Answer by euro_son

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10 Responses to Q&A: Why do all Christian holidays fall on Pagan ritual days?

  • MSB says:

    Most Christian holidays were derivative of Pagan celebrations.

    For example, Christmas was based on Winter Solstice celebrations. Easter was based on Spring Fertility rites and celebrations.

    Jesus wasn’t actually born in December, nor died/ressurected (allegedly) in the Spring.

    As many people began to convert it seems they just didn’t want to let go of the customs and partying, so the church just adapted the Pagan celebrations and gave them a Christian reason for celebrating it.

    Religions and traditions as such have always evolved out of each other.

  • Nightwind: Adipose says Hi! says:

    Because there’s only 365 days in a year. Pick any day at random and you’re going to find multiple holidays from somewhere in the world. On top of which, people who make this argument generally start using Catholic feast days for saints to emphasize their point, but what they don’t tell you is that EVERY day is dedicated to at least one saint, so of course they over lap with other particular holidays.

    Edit: I am so tired of hearing that Christmas is based on the Winter Solstice. The Solstice in on the 20th or 21st. Christmas is the 25th. That’s a gap of four or five days. This theory gets really, really silly when you start accepting “close enough” evidence.

    Christmas WAS based on a Roman holiday. The holiday was part of the Cult of the Unconquered Sun. It wasn’t a conspiracy theory. Church documents clearly state that they understand that the Bible doesn’t give a date for the birth, but they wanted a date to celebrate the birth, so they associated it with a similar celebration already in existence.

  • ?Älmighty Ätheist? says:

    Plagiarism and copyright infringement. Many of the traditions of Christian holidays come from pagan practices.

  • Joel V says:

    During the years that the christianized Holy Roman Empire was conquering much of europe, they began to convert many people who worshiped pagan religions. These people had pagan feasts and such that they were used to celebrating. In order to make the transition to Christianity easier, the Church incorporated christianized versions of their holidays.

    Easter, for example, was originally a pagan fertility festival until it was changed to honor Jesus’ death and resurrection. Christmas replace the winter solstice festival, and All Saints Day, or All Hallows Day, replaced the ancestor worship at the end of October. However, this pagan ritual eventually returned as All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, as it was the day before All Hallows Day.

  • wcwindom56 says:

    Pagans brought them into the “church” when they were forced to convert by an “ex-pagan” emperors idea of the “church”. ALL Followers of G-d were taught to observe His feasts until Constantine started exercising his anti-semitic views with the power of a Roman Throne & Army. No where in Scripture are we told to stop observing His Holy Days.

  • Insomniatic Mushroom says:

    Because during the Christianization, one of the Pagan-Turned-Christian kings, I forget who, thought that it would be easier for other pagans to turn Christian if their holidays were together and made it easier to transition between the two.

    Also, maybe others wanted to forget about paganism and tried to cover it up by overlapping Christian practices with pagan ones.

  • Gary B says:

    There are only two completely Christian Holidays: Christmas and Easter.

    The date for Christmas was decided mainly in order to not interfere with the other WORK that needs to be done immediately after the finish of the harvest. At this time of year there is little work to be done, and a holiday make sense. Christmas does NOT “coincide” with the pagan Winter Solstice festivals — obviously, Christmas is four days later. The MAY be some overlap, depending on how drunk the Pagans get, however.

    Easter coincides not with Pagan Holidays but with Jewish holidays — that of Passover. Specifically, there is much reason to believe that Jesus died on the 14th of Nissan, according to the Jewish Calendar. This date coincided EXACTLY with the date required for the sacrificial slaughter of the Passover Lamb. thus Jesus IS The Lamb of God, sacrificed for the Sins of All Mankind, being scarified in 14 Nissan, the God-declared day for Passover sacrifice.

    The Jewish month of Nissan corresponds to the months of March and April in our present calendar. The council of Nicea in 325 further defined the date to fall according the the Paschal Full Moon, NOT the Pagan Spring Equinox.

    Note that there are several “Pseudo-Christian” Holidays, like Good Friday, or Ash Wednseday, or Pentacost. But THESE are NOT defined as “Biblical Holidays”, and these holdiays are NOT celebrated by all Christian Churches worldwide.

  • greenshootuk says:

    They don’t. Are you antisemitic or something? Easter comes from the Jewish Passover. Have some respect, please.

    Ascension, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, Shrove Tuesday and Pentecost are then ALL derived from Easter – they move with it.

    There is NO pagan ritual day that follows Easter.

    Dec 25th was chosen by Christians in Rome sometime during the mid to late 3rd century. It was not the solstice and Romans did not have a winter solstice festival anyway. A Roman emperor did institute a festival on 25th Dec, also during the 3rd century. It it not known who chose it first but it was not a pagan tradition. It is known that March 25th was suggested for Christ’s conception 100 years earlier.

    All Saints Day on November 1st was also created in Rome by the Pope in the 8th century. The date was the anniversary of the dedication of a chapel to All Saints. It was not a pagan festival IN Rome nor is there any evidence that it was a pagan religious festival anywhere else. Halloween, therefore, is also originally Christian.

    Why do people believe this nonsense about Christians stealing pagan feast days?

  • Kat says:

    Cause that’s how they started, genius.

  • akirasun2 says:

    Because when Christianity was on the uprise in order to converts it was easier to have holidays near the Pagan ones that already existed. Made it easier for them to accept

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