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Question by Cindy C: What type of cloth bag should I put my tarot cards in?

Best answer:

Answer by ben r
why a colth bag matter of fact why a bag at all
why not a papper or plastic bag
or a shoe box

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5 Responses to Q&A: What type of cloth bag should I put my tarot cards in?

  • slow genius says:

    my mother’s bag is made of a certain type of velvet. I’d say it probably doesn’t make a huge difference considering you can put a protection spell on both the bag and the cards, and then you won’t really have to worry about it.

  • scarab says:

    I prefer silk for a couple of reasons. First is that silk is a natural fiber and second that it has some properties that keep it from picking up stray energy. Once you are working with a deck you need to attune it to your particular energies and so it is important to keep stray stuff from attaching.

    What I do is have a large (red because I love the color though there are traditional reasons for blue) silk cloth that wraps the cards and then I put that down under the cards when I am reading them. The wrapped cards then go into either a large wooden box that I have or into another silk bag.

    While there are all sorts of traditional reasons to do things, if those don’t apply to you or are not meaningful, find something that is meaningful. It is more important to have something that helps you get into the right frame of mind rather than adhere to someone else’s traditions.


  • Pam R says:

    Hello Cindy

    It really doesnt matter, as long as they are safe from being bent is all that matters.


  • Lillith says:

    I’m one who likes to keep my deck in a bag made from any natural fiber-

    Velvet is nice, but most velvet these days is synthetic
    Anything that says polyester or nylon is synthetic.
    Some fabrics feel like silk, but again, are synthetic. The industry has gotten very good at imitating natural fibers.
    It really does not matter what you put your deck in as long as it is protected.
    The reason for natural fibers is that they allow the energies to flow better, polyester is so restricting and smothers.
    I can’t wear synthetic clothing against my skin, I itch, overheat and just generally feel uncomfortable.
    I want my decks to be comfortable too.

  • Gaia Raain says:

    You could make your own, and then you could pick the exact type of fabric, color or pattern…you could even crochet or knit it (or have someone do it for you). Lots of options there.

    I think the type and color of fabric are really personal choice. I’ve heard many different opinions, and when I hear so many different opinions, I begin to realize that all these opinions haven’t resulted in any harm…so they must all be “right”…lol. It’s up to you.

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