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Question by messenger: What are some ideas about the possible nature of reality outside of finite experience?
Quantum properties aside, what laws regarding the absence of space, time and matter might remain as they are, such as cause and effect, sequentiality of events and metaphysical evidence and mathematical absolutes and which ones would disappear due to unknown characteristics within infinity?

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Answer by Ronin
Right off the bat, if you have no time, you can’t have causality.
At least as far as our limited brains can conceive of.

But perhaps we already live in an infinite universe? Maybe there would be no change at all? You can still have sequentiality in a universe with no beginning. At least I think I can conceive of it anyway.

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2 Responses to Q&A: What are some ideas about the possible nature of reality outside of finite experience?

  • Prophecy+History=TRUTH says:

    Too deep for me Roy, I like dealing simple truths that are easily understood.

  • spamandham says:

    Everything we know is derived from the context of spacetime and matter. If there is some form of metaphysical existence of some kind, we have no reason to suspect it obeys any of the laws we are familiar with. Without the universe, there is no reason even noncontradiction must be obeyed. There is no reason to suspect causality would apply either.

    In the halls of physics, there are speculations about time retrogrades of various types, paralle worlds in which all possibilities are played out, etc.

    Walk over to the philosophy building and you may hear people discussing the idea that nothing actually exists, which is of course a contradiction, but contradictions are permitted in the context of nothing.

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