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Question by carolina: tarot readings?
Ive recently had a tarot reading regarding my relationship with my partner. We have had a furious argument and are not really talking. The thing is that this relationship is a genuine one where we really do love each other. The reading says we will be back togehter soon. Am I stupid to rely on this information. I know about free will etc and my insincts tell me we will be but are these readings reliable and accurate??

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Answer by Spica
Tarot Card readings are similar to Horary Astrology, where a Chart is cast for the time that a question is asked and a forecast made for the problem based on a reading of the Chart.

Both Tarot and Horaries are short-term forecasts, and apply to a specific matter or problem.

It’s up to you to decide if they’re reliable and accurate. You already did the reading. And the reading matches your instincts. So why are you having doubts?

Why don’t you just wait it out and see if it comes true or not, and then decide?

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3 Responses to Q&A: tarot readings?

  • Mister-E says:

    No, assuming that your taort reading was conducted by an experienced reader, that had you pick the cards and ask your question, the information provided in the reading came from your true deep feelings (subconscious mind) or intuition about that question.

    The conclusion of being back together soon simply means you are ready for that and will try to attract it on your side, it can’t say for sure like fortunetelling that will happen, because it doesn’t reflect what your partner will do.

    Tarot is simply a mirror on your subconscious feelings, not a fortunetelling tool.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

    Catch my podcast on tarot at

    Scott <----Significator: Magician. Tarot Reader for over 6 years.

  • psychic-junkie says:

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  • babykatdream099 says:

    i agree with them

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