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Question by TruthSeeker: Native American Shaman for a wedding?
Not really a “wedding.” My husband and I separated and have gotten back together. I now want to have a very small ceremony and have our union blessed by a shaman. Does anyone have any idea where I would find someone to do this?

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Answer by always b natural
Get in touch with the council of the reservation that you are near. They should be able to help you. Be prepared though, they may not want to help you if you do not belong to that Nation. eg. a Catholic priest won’t marry you if you are not Catholic.

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5 Responses to Q&A: Native American Shaman for a wedding?

  • CindyLu says:

    there is a national organization but you would have to google it as I do not recall the exact name. Namaste

  • Katt says:

    Check with your band council, they should be able to tell you. Or ask the oldest woman you know. If she doesn’t know, she’ll be able to tell you who does.

  • Ms. Taurus says:

    If someone will gladly do it…and for a price…legitimacy is unlikely. Also likewise if they actually call themselves a shaman…

    I don’t mean to try to ruin your plans or anything…but a person is better off knowing what to research and beware of. Fraudulent elements aren’t something I would want to include in something that is supposed to be a special occasion.

  • mr.twocrows says:

    Firstly the term “shaman” comes from Tibet, not here.

    Your TRIBE should be able to answer this question for you.

    If you are not a member of a tribe, I can not help you any further.

  • Darth Eugene Vader says:

    I would seek the blessing of God (Jesus) instead of a shamman (real or fake) who worship nature, nature spirits, or who knows what else.

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