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Question by candyfloss: My sister just turned a Tarot card over for me and i am unsure of its meaning?
I asked if i will be with someone that i secretly love.The card was the fool,does that mean i would be foolish, my sister is new to Tarot and means the beginning of a journey but she is rubbish??

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Answer by 11634
no it basically means your ignorant to a subject that has yet to occured
not meaning your ignorant but basically what she said is right.

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4 Responses to Q&A: My sister just turned a Tarot card over for me and i am unsure of its meaning?

  • TakeaWalk says:

    Tarot cards are rubbish! You can’t really be serious about what they mean!

  • casselman81 says:

    shoujld have came with a book to what the cards mean look it up. the fool also can be called the joker.

  • irishlady says:

    There R 21 main Arcana cards the Fool is 0 it stands for fo lly mania extravagance if it’s reversed (up-side down) it means absence negligence vanity in order to get an actual meaning to a situation there has to be other crds placed in order to get a full picture when U see the animal nipping at the foot it means caution slow down hope U enjoy the cards

  • espozaderaul says:

    The number 0 is a perfect Convector for the Fool, as it can become anything when he reaches his destination. Zero plus anything equals the same thing. Zero times anything equals zero.[5] Zero is nothing, a lack of hard substance, and as such it may reflect a non-issue or lack of cohesiveness for the subject at hand. In other words your worrying about the wrong thing with your question.

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