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Question by brooke m: Love tarot?
my friend gave me his deck of tarot cards they are specal love ones dose anyone know any really good websites to get some spreads cos im not really confident with the ones in the book yet

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Answer by Pam R

You can join this group if you wish tarot insight etc

join ~ Practice Tarot. Psychic Development.
Clairvoyancy. Hypnotherapy. Meditation.
All Like Minded Folk Welcome

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One Response to Q&A: Love tarot?

  • india.magica says:

    There is a lot of info on this site for free:

    Individual Tarot Cards
    Free Online Course for Learning the Tarot. … Individual Tarot Cards. [ How to interpret card information pages] – [ Summary Charts ] …

    A great Tarot book is available right now at Amazon:

    The Complete Guide to the Tarot by Eden Gray (Mass Market Paperback – Dec 1, 1982)
    Buy new: $7.50, 56 Used & new from $3.44.

    The Tarot shows ancient symbols of our own energy fields, it was once a holy, symbolic picture book of our God-given powers. The ancients knew – unfortunately, we forgot our spiritual origins and do not even know the Western words for our energy fields.

    Remember, we are the master of our life. If the Tarot shows a negative outcome or flow, just cover the “bad” cards with good ones. Imprint the new, fabulous meaning and know it is on the way. For what we believe in, or what we fear – that is what we manifest. We do not want to let anyone or ourselves be tied to negative cards.

    The cards show the present flow of energy, yet, we can change the flow. That’s why we want to look into the events int he first place: to prevent the bad. The “good” cards help improve, the bad ones are only to show us what we must change. Covering up the “bad” cards means that we change our belief and then much good can come out of the message our unconscious may give us through the Tarot.

    It must always end in a positive way, always.

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