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Question by Aundine: Is there anything spiritual or metaphysical in reference to the symbol PI?

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Answer by Carmen babyy

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3 Responses to Q&A: Is there anything spiritual or metaphysical in reference to the symbol PI?

  • Diana P says:

    I guess metaphysical (which is sort of the same as spiritual: “beyond the physical”) because its value cannot be determined precisely and goes on infinitely. Infinity — like eternity, indivisibility, and absolute anything — is metaphysical.

  • blixa22 says:

    Pi is a description of a circle or cycle. If you think about what a circle or cycle is, you may find something you’re seeking. I mean, pi is a number so exact, it’s inexact… think about what that means if it’s a description of circular shape or motion. What kind of perfection is that?

  • Skatta says:

    I would say it is that the natural world is “imperfect” by nature. by that i mean that it is not mathematically “clean”.

    pi is how many times you can fit a given radius into half of the circumference of its circle. this fact is independent of man, it is a truth of the absolute natural world around us.

    though the radius fits in an infinitely precise fraction, so much so that we need to invent a symbol for it so that we can make perfect calculations using it.

    if the absolute world was mathematically “perfect” or “clean” then pi would be something nice and neat like 3.

    but that’s impossible. the universe must be infinitely complex in its description. though sometimes things can be described amazingly neatly if you say it the right way, like e=mc^2. so simple and neat.

    physics is the art of using math to describe the infinitely complex world around us in the simplest way possible. and the symbol pi is a tool designed for that purpose.

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