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Question by Lab Accident: Is metaphysical thermonuclear theraputic healing a reality ?

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Answer by emilynghiem
If you are asking if spiritual prayer can heal right down to the nuclear level, I believe it can. Please read “Healing” by Francis MacNutt (edition 2003 or later) or “Prayer is Good Medicine”.
“Healing” documents cases where schizophrenia and even “Down’s Syndrome” was healed through prayer. Since “Down’s Syndrome” is in the genes, for the child’s condiiton to have improved over time means that the DNA and cells were affected. So if this is what you mean, then there is some documentation and more medical research is being done.
The later editions of “Healing” include a formal medical study on “rheumatoid arthritis” which has no scientific cure, but healing prayer was shown to have positive effects to varying degrees including complete recovery that could not be explained by the researchers except that the prayer treatment caused the healing.

Please also read Agnes Sanford “Healing Light” which discusses how the healing energy works as a natural system.

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2 Responses to Q&A: Is metaphysical thermonuclear theraputic healing a reality ?

  • jj. b says:

    meta-wot ?

  • Agnon L says:

    There is no proof that it can be done and is none other than another form of “snake oil” healing. It preys upon the desperation of the sick Person’s inability to get help and a last resort in their quest of healing. Never helps.

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