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Question by Peter: Is metaphysical hypnosis effective? A therapist said he needs to heal the root of my anxiety problem?
He said that he needed to use regression techniques to heal old psychological wounds about when I was 13 which is when my problem started. Now I am 35 years old.

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Answer by AL R
Do yourself a favor and read “Life after Life” by Raymond Moody.

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2 Responses to Q&A: Is metaphysical hypnosis effective? A therapist said he needs to heal the root of my anxiety problem?

  • wiu_stu says:

    I do not agree, I have no idea what Metaphysical Hypnosis is and I’m a student in the studies of hypnosis, (HMI). You cannot be healed of anything with hypnosis, you can only be taught to control it. Anxiety is a format of fear in a major consensus, it surrounds everybody and we must have it to survive, and so is depression, these are as normal as “mom’s apple butter” (or was it pie?). Without these we would spin out of control and relinquish our holds on the universal substance we call earth and drift out into space like a rocket propelled kite (or was that a baseball?) Anyway these two elements of human consistencies react with the parasympathetic nervous System and the sympathetic nervous system to bring us to a state of homeostasis or get us ready for battle. Apple pie and vanilla ice cream…..Yummmmm!

  • David says:

    Healing can occur by hypnosis, it can help. However because you are asking these questions, seems like you might have some doubts. Being happy with a good ethical/professional working relationship between you and your therapist is important.
    It is not always required to go back to the root cause…unless it is important to you.
    Not familiar with metaphysical hypnosis, I know that ‘meta’ means ‘over and above’ – so its hypnosis over and above physics?
    Trust your own feelings and instincts on this.

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