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Question by lilnessa: crystals??
how can i make crystals out of stuff like salt sugar borax … can u tell me?

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Answer by Jo
You need a supersaturated solution. That means that your solution has more solute (ex salt) than water. Boil some water and dissolve a bunch of salt until the salt no longer dissolves. Let the solution cool and you should form some crystals. What I also find helpful in forming crystals is hanging a paperclip from a piece of string wound on a pencil on top of the container. This allows the crystals to bind to a surface.

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One Response to Q&A: crystals??

  • vicky-t_1025 says:

    Omg making crystals s really east. What you first do is boil water in a saucepan. the when its boiled, you add 3 or so cups of sugar. stir for about idk 3 mins. let it cool for 5 mins and put it in a glass jar. get a piece of yarn or something and wrap it around a pencil and secure it w/ tape. put the pencil over top th e jar so that the yarn stays in place. ( the yarn alloes the crystals to form) after about 2-4 days, crystals will apperar on the yarn, this looks similar to rock candy andyou can eat it if you like.

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