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Psychics; Cut the Hype!

With the economy the way it is some people are pulling out all the stops, including psychics. Right now most people are having money issues and relationship issues because of the additional stress of money issues. What some psychics perceive is that people should be calling on them to resolve their relationship issues but what they fail to take into account is that people are not calling them because of the money issues – duh! Some psychics (not all) are being very short sighted and forgetting that their gift is for a higher power and empowerment of their clients.

To increase their business some psychics, rather than expanding themselves, have resorted to disempowering approaches to their readings. Some others have had their confidence and egos shaken to the point that they have lost faith in themselves and rather than give true psychic readings they get by on making true statements about universal laws regarding life such as “(fill in the blank) is temporary”.  No! really? Realty check, everything and everyone is temporary. Another one is, “if you have faith . . .”. Give me a break. If they didn’t have faith would the be calling a psychic? This one is also fail safe for the psychic because they can easily say this or that didn’t happen because your faith wasn’t strong enough.

One’s psychic ability is only proportionate to their faith. If a psychic looses faith in any  regard within themselves they need to take a time out to restore their faith before handling other people’s affairs.

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