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tarot history
by wallyg

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The tarot history is varied and just like the cards themselves, colourful. They were supposedly brought to Europe by wandering tribes of gypsies, some time after the year 1300 ad. There probably never was and never is a gypsy camp without a pack of cards of some sort and a member of the travellers’ group who can read them.

There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck and these are usually laid out in a structured pattern and read in sequence. There is quite often a Past line which highlights areas representing things that have happened in the recent and distant past. This line can also represent past lives and any traits that the sitter has bought into this life from that life. This line is very useful because it helps the person to understand why they have a certain propensity to a particular behaviour, feeling or situation. I can sometimes see that there are unresolved issues around family members on this line in the Tarot Reading. The Past line can bring great insight so that it could impact to be the catalyst to change and empowerment.

The modern day tarot phone reading can be highly illuminating and help ones life greatly.

The art of cartomancy lies more in the skills and interpretation of the reader than in the cards themselves. Many skilled tarot phone readers use various packs from Rider Waite, to Osho Zen, and also simply playing cards.

Fortune telling with cards is a fascinating past-time, and produces suprises in the form of predictions. The tarot cards themselves show the weaving of the human journey with all of its challenges and pitfalls, they are a reflection of the birth, life, death cycle.

There are many

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