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Magical Societies such as the Golden Dawn and the OTO would prefer to keep the tarot secret.
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6 Responses to peteranswers virtual tarot secret!!!

  • TarotMichael says:

    The side-by-side of DuQuette (2003) and Crowley (1944) said it all…yep, a commentary would be double to triple in size going by the industry standards for magickal works. Great insight.

  • PaulHughesBarlow says:

    Lon’s book on the Book of Thoth resembles all the other Rider-Waite tarot books out there. Maybe Lon did not know that Crowley detested Waite?

    Please do a bit more research on whether I know a bit about magic.

  • ozzzz156 says:

    BTW… I found this video from a Facebook post ridiculing you about your ridiculous statements… I’m not picking on you. But if you keep this kind of thing up. I’ll continue to laugh when you are ridiculed by people.

  • ozzzz156 says:


    Well first, Lon is the Deputy Grand Master of OTO, and the Archbishop of EGC, and I would say he knows a fair bit about Tarot. Along with MANY of my Brothers and Sisters of the Order.
    And second, it is just insane to say that “It would be better for OTO if BOT hadn’t been published” That is ridiculous… WE PUBLISH IT!! WE PUT IT ON THE SHELVES!
    Look, make videos as you Will, of course, but don’t spread mis-information. It makes you look bad to serious magicians.
    93 93/93

  • PaulHughesBarlow says:

    Hi Oz,

    I am talking about Lon’s book. It would have been better for the OTO if the Book of Thoth had never been published, but fortunately it is out there. I have met many in the OTO and so far I have not met any with any knowledge of the Tarot.

  • ozzzz156 says:


    You really should do some more research. You don’t even know what the letters OTO actually stand for… How do you presume to say that they don’t want people to read the book of Thoth? You need to realize that people don’t produce massive commentaries on Crowley’s work for a reason. And it’s not the reason you are pushing here. Besides, the BOT is in every bookstore in the U.S.. That doesn’t really support your position that we don’t want folks reading it now, does it…

    93 93/93,

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