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This video is to show people how to use peter answers and trick people…. so have fun pranking your friends with this!!!!! Please rate this video and SUBSCRIBE to me if it helped you at all with peter answers! (ALL CREDIT IS GIVEN TO “PETERANSWERS.COM” I DO NOT OWN AND AM NOT A PART OF THIS SITE, I AM JUST SHOWING PEOPLE THE TRICK TO USING IT AND TO PRANK THERE FRIENDS!)
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25 Responses to Peter Answers Secret (Virtual Tarot)

  • PrAnKsTeRJJ says:

    @PrAnKsTeRJJ ohhhh nevermind, i get it!

  • PrAnKsTeRJJ says:

    it don’t work for me “/

    he said “eter please answer.”

    what does that mean?

  • poopjuice0 says:

    You people have too much time on your hands. Do something productive with your life.

  • supermanoy18 says:

    put a period punctuation…then just simply type ur question..note: erase the last punctuation(semi-colon) at the end of your petition.then press enter..then type ur question..easy to trick your friends.

  • ludvig707 says:

    He always said: I´m a bit tired. Ask someone.

  • caman21cd says:

    good vid man

  • LookLoveShoot says:

    you dont TYPE “period” you just PRESS it.

  • FuzzBuzz457 says:

    Ok People! I know like this person is like American and a period means a full stop. So what you do is type in P then you put a full stop like this . The full stop will come out as an E so this means P and then an E for PEter!

    (So much simpler!)

  • kimbarrios31 says:

    i love peter answer hahaha

  • Quickfrozen says:

    you stupid idiot delete this vid!!

  • Quickfrozen says:

    so its just a fake stie…stupid crap

  • englishtoarab says:

    I definitely know how to do that i swear its just easy but it takes a long time so if u subscribe for me, i will make a video of how to do it with a brief explanation. I freaked my friends out when i showed them that trick. the funny thing is one of my friends gave me 5 bucks just to teach him how to do it to freak out his girlfriend.

  • ThePokemonfangirl says:

    I don”t like that website is too scary and its very dangerous cause last night I have a bad dream of this website.

  • shawnmichaelsthgreat says:

    this is a period .

  • MattGroening100 says:

    He answer mi : Nvinvintguhnjtgvfnhdjcdnfbhgedhrfgedhjvdctfvgybuhndctfvgybh.
    What did i wrong?

  • gelsyman32 says:

    i did this to my friends

    i asked peter

    when will my friend buy a gift for me

    peter answers April 15, 2010

    he was so amazed

  • Fjufju01 says:

    Don’t stop reading this? just because u just now realized this is a forward:}
    1.)put your hand in youre mouth
    2.)make a wish
    3.)close your hand(fist)
    4.)hold your hand at heart for 5 seconds
    5.)send this to 3 more videos
    6.)tomorrow will be the best day ever it actually works
    money-you will find a wad of $200 in cash
    love-your crush or lover will kiss you or ask you out

  • ninjamonkeys3 says:

    i dont like it

  • NobleProtocol says:

    It Says Emily Says!!!!

  • azsumsiaz says:

    idk y Emily but dude…it gets really bad if u make him angry……..
    the last answer to us was : “Emily answers: You should die too… “

  • Oxsaren1 says:

    is it fake it said it gonna kiill me!

  • katherlopez says:

    why emily?

  • hannahlim14 says:


  • HKmagic123 says:

    if i didnt no the answer i used to rite in the petition saying i dont know dat….LOL

  • yauyatway2 says:

    What a period?

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