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On Tarot Reading and Free Tarot Spreads

You may be curious about tarot card reading that is why you are reading this article. No one can blame you there as tarot reading is really a very interesting subject. Who isn\’t interested in having some way of knowing what the future brings, or having our questions answered by something more reliable and more tested than a magic 8-ball that we usually used. Tarot reading is anchored on the belief that there is a possibility to peek at what is to come. Some also believe that tarot reading is basically opening up the subconscious\’ power and releasing what we already know will happen in the future. Free tarot spreads\’ information and tarot reading data will hopefully help one achieve these possibilities.

Tarot reading basically starts with the deck. There are 78 cards all in all, 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards that look like the regular playing cards used in casinos. The major arcana cards are comprised of the following:

1. The Fool

2. The Magician

3. The High-Priestess

4. The Empress

5. The Emperor

6. The Hierophant

7. The Lovers

8. The Chariot

9. Strength

10. The Hermit

11. The Wheel of Fortune

12. Justice

13. The Hanged Man

14. Death

15. Temperance

16. The Devil

17. The Tower

18. The Star

19. The Moon

20. The Sun

21. Judgment

22. The World

The minor arcana cards are divided into four suits, cups, wands, pentacles and swords. Their specific meanings are available online and most decks that you buy actually have a separate sheet of

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