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Night Vision Binoculars are the Hunter’s Best Friend

While fire-arms continue to advance and improve; what about camouflage?  The hunter’s awareness to the advantage of camouflage dates back to the Stone Age.  His existence depended on intelligence to make up for both his physical and sensory limitations.  In addition, consider the countless variations of species’ habitats and behavioral patterns, the landscape and seasonal changes hunters have encountered through the centuries.  The quest to find the game and have it succumb to the hunter’s skills remains the ultimate goal.  In other words – outsmart the prey.  Of course, it requires attracting as little attention as possible if you hunt for game.  This art of creating decoys, disguises or clothing that blend with the landscape has appeared in different forms over the centuries.  Are we straying too far from natural instincts and traditions now that hunting has entered into the 21st century?

Early in the 19th century earth tone colors were prevalent for the hunter.  However, the emphasis was more on style and an elegant nature for a gentleman seeking social recognition rather than being suitable for a stalker.  The popular fitted pattern in its time was completely devoid of comfort or practicality.  However, legitimate hunters distinguished themselves from the woodsmen who conceded to fashion in order to display their status in society.  They demanded that the clothes be loosened regardless of style or their social status.  By the second half of the 19th century, the focus was more on a comfortable fit and materials offering protection from the elements.

Research in the 20th century told us with certainty that many animals do not see or register colors the way man does.  The size of their eyes and many

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