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Newage Top 10 Reasons to Try Taichi

Taichi is one of the most popular Chinese internal martial arts, where it consists of smooth, rhythmic, gentle and graceful circular movements. Breathing is deep and relaxed and is in accordance to the tempo of the Taichi movements. These movement techniques help to integrate the mind and body which allows achievement of total harmony of the body.

Taichi has become an increasingly popular form of physical exercises around the world for all ages, both as a basic exercise program and as a complement to health care methods. Regardless of your age, Taichi can offer both physical and mental benefits to your health and fitness. Here are NewAgeTaichi top 10 reasons to give Taichi a try.

1. Increased flexibility and reduced risk of injury – Improvements in posture alignment, strength and flexibility have been attributed to Taichi among those individual who practice the exercise. Its slow circular movements allow for gentle stretching and warming up of muscles, tendons and ligaments and are often compared to continuous passive movement which is used to increase the speed of healing. Taichi also allows for compression to the joint which aids in providing nutrients to the surrounding cartilage.

2. Focused breathing and concentration – A primary component of Taichi is the rhythmic breathing that emphasizes a relaxed state of mind and body which encourages strong blood circulation. During Taichi practices, oxygenated blood flows to the muscles and brain.

3. The mind-body connection – Rather than mindlessly going through the motions, Taichi requires you to focus all of your energies on performing each movement precisely. When coupled these Taichi movements and

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