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Newage Smart Goal Setting

Goal setting is important whether it is at work, in management, in sports or even just dealing with our personal commitment. With proper goal setting, it not only helps to realize our dreams, it also constantly serves as a motivation to us and also providing us with a sense of direction of where we should be focusing. Without goal setting and resolution, we would not be able to achieve much in the long run. All successful people are able to set and achieve their own goals which will in turn lead them to achieving higher goal setting.

Year 2007 is coming to an end and it is now time to set new goals/resolution for the year 2008. But before doing so, perhaps we should individually review the goal setting we have set for year 2007 and whether or not we have achieved all our goals. If yes, then my congratulations to you, and do keep up the good work, if not, perhaps we should review and understand the reasons for not being able to achieve our goal set for year 2007.

One of the most common reasons for not being able to realize our own dreams is due to the fact that most people often have the wrong misconception about setting dreams. Dreams are very often too unrealistic and not achievable in reality, for instance just merely dreaming to become a millionaire, dream of losing weight, dream of having a well toned body or even dream of having a condo but without actually properly plan and working hard for it will always be waiting for a dream to come true, where they are just waiting for things to happen and the same dream can remain year after year.

However, with proper planning by using SMART goal setting, we are able to quickly realize our dreams by focusing on both short term and

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