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Recorded on July 15, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.

20 Responses to My Tarot decks

  • gainax75 says:

    Amazing, I have only 50 or 60 decks in my collection…I hope to have more and more in the near future ^_^

    Please tell me what’s your favourite and I’ll search for it ^^ Many many thanx in advance ^^

  • key2kingdom says:

    Hey! I’ve approx the same as yourself. They just seem to keep moving in! I’ve quite a few duds in my collection, but I love most of them. At the moment I’ve over the moon with Lisa Hunt’s new deck.

  • OwdScrat says:

    I’ve been thinking of doing something like this…but where to start?

    I think my most used reading decks perhaps, or decks I use for my spiritual path…..

    I have 540 Tarot decks and 150 oracles…so I have NO idea how long it would take to show and talk about all of them…..I love each and very deck in my collection : )

  • VideoChannel08 says:

    Could you show all of your oracle decks?

    Awesome video btw =D

  • denmelip1978 says:

    Yes it s very beautiful!

  • denmelip1978 says:

    Your welcome =)

  • denmelip1978 says:

    Thanks so much!!! me too….

  • denmelip1978 says:

    Your welcome, I know there is so much to pick from… I love collecting them!

  • denmelip1978 says:

    Thanks so much!!!!!!! I love to share with all of you my decks..

  • DeathDealer48 says:

    great video, i love to see decks lol

  • Mooncelt says:

    Thanks for showing these decks. I have not purchased a new tarot deck in quite some time and your video showed a lot of information. Maybe I’ll get a new one now!

  • aprikoos30 says:

    That Pagan Tarot deck looks very nice.

  • AnneLien1987 says:

    Thank you so much for the video!!


  • MoonCalendar says:

    i really liked this video. it is hard to pick a tarot deck when i go to the store. there are so many!! you are a great help.

  • reddhalia says:

    Thank you for sharing! I look forward to see more of your decks! 🙂

  • wiccanboi19 says:

    love your tarot decks! I only have the rider right now, but I hope to expand my collection like you:)
    blessed be

  • ShoryoTombo says:

    Very nice decks! I have one given to me by a friend. I just haven’t learn how to use tarot. I wonder if there’s an online how to’s. 5 star excellent presentation!

  • VioletNightShade55 says:

    I’ve got about nine =] I love the art work on the cards lol Thats what I get addicted to. And ofcourse I like everything pretty. lol

    and thankyou for the compliment =]

  • denmelip1978 says:

    Oh would love to see your decks.. I have a whole bunch and don’t get tired of buying new ones. I just need to start journaling though. I want to start my BOS soon. Can;t wait love the way you have yours setup…

  • VioletNightShade55 says:

    I LOVE seeing everyones decks. I posted one on mine but it was too long so youtube didnt accept it =[ =[

    I’ll have to re try it lol

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