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Move Forward With the Power of Tiger Eye Gem Stone

Survive the Jungle of Life With Tiger Eye Gem Stone

The tiger eye gem stone is a favorite stone amongst gem collectors, perhaps the most popular with the exception of the precious gemstones.It is much-loved both for its powerful natural appearance and its metaphysical power and meanings. I have a few tiger eye pieces and I hope you will be motivated to get some as well.

Tiger eye stones are primarily mined in South Africa, which is strangely appropriate for the stone’s title! Its name is “tiger eye” because its natural color and its black stripes look like the orange color and black stripes of the tiger. And as tigers represent power and strength, and the ability to survive and overcome the dangers of the jungle, the tiger eye gem stone holds similar symbolism and traditional powers.

Tiger eye stones are fantastic stones for achieving your ambitions and success in your business or other focused endeavors. The provide you with the confidence and groundedness to face your fears head on and no hide from difficult challenges. And one characteristic of highly successful people is that they are decisive – quick to make decisions and slow to change their decisions. Tiger eye promotes that strength of conviction so that you can avoid getting stuck in ruts and keep moving forward towards your goals without getting stuck on irrelevant details. Tiger eye is also traditionally thought to give its holder protection during travels. I think this is also related to those leadership qualities of power, decisiveness, and

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