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metaphysical powers
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Metaphysical Hypnotherapy

Metaphysical Hypnotherapy is simply the use of hypnosis in a deep, spiritual and mystical way to enable a person to take control of feelings, behaviours, habits, and self-image. I have seen just about every possible human problem one can imagine. I could not begin to guess how many times I have heard a client, in describing what they want to accomplish in hypnotherapy say, “ You’ve probably never heard of someone with THIS problem.”

It seems most people feel as if they and their problems are unique among human experience. While our experiences make each of us unique, what we feel, how we respond to the world around us, and how we interact with other people is not unique. We all have the same senses. The way we deal with this life is greatly variable, but only within certain parameters. There are boundaries to human experience and behaviour. Your feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and problems aren’t as strange or unusual as you might think.

People don’t tell others about their fears, doubts, worries, anxieties, or things they think are strange about themselves. Believe me, whatever your difficulty in life might be, it isn’t as strange or unusual as you think. I have never been shocked by something a client told me. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even been surprised for some time now. There are only so many things humans can do.

There certainly have been some clients over the years for which hypnotherapy was not the appropriate form of therapy. These people were referred to other professionals. In most cases the presented problem is far less serious than people think. I believe that in most instances people can solve their own problems, with a little understanding, direction,

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