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metaphysical meditation
by nimboo

Meditation for Contacting your Spirit Animal

With the rebirth of interest in esoteric knowledge in recent decades, more and more people are discovering the magic of animal medicine. The archetypes that animals have brought to life, through the stories and art of all cultures, resonate deep within us. Spirit animals (sometimes called power animals or totem spirits) are metaphysical allies that we can call on to aid us in our journey.

Contacting Your Spirit Animal

Get comfortable, and do some deep breathing to clear your mind and center yourself. Listen to the drum, and allow the rhythm to penetrate your body and mind. Feel how the drum beat resonates with the very center of your being, transporting you into a deep state of relaxed consciousness. Just take some time with this, allowing yourself to go deep.

Find yourself walking along a path. Your surroundings are your favorite place in nature, either someplace you have been before, or someplace that you are drawn to. It is peaceful here, and you feel very relaxed. Just walk for a bit, noticing your surroundings. What is this place? What are the sights, the sounds, the smells? Immerse yourself in this sacred place. Take some time with this.

After awhile, the path opens up on a clearing of some sort. Again, just notice the details.

In the center of the clearing, you notice a small pile of stones. Pick them up, one at a time. Notice their colors and textures. Place one in each of the four directions, intuiting which one goes where. As you place each directional stone, give thanks for your life, and for the energies in that direction which sustain you. Ask for the protection of the energies of that direction. Now, with your intention, state

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