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Question by buddhafuldreamer: Looking for novels of a metaphysical nature?
Years ago I read a fiction novel that was metaphysical. I remember there was a term for that type of book but I can’t remember it and haven’t had any luck finding it. I’m interested in fiction books that have psychics, magic, witches, ghosts, reincarnation, ouija, scrying and the like. Not so much the vampire stories. Does anyone know what this type of book would be listed as? I have searched Amazon with no luck. Thank you all in advance for your intelligent answers!
I have looked up metaphysical fiction and I don’t get anything. If it has the word “fiction” in it, then that’s what you get. But not metaphysical.

(I don’t think the zen thing is what I’m looking for, but thanks.)
Maybe the term I should use is “New Age Fiction”. What do you think?
Thank you so much! This has been bugging me for a while now. I’m not much into gore but I like a good ghost story! I learn a lot from reading the listmania at Amazon. Well, I’ve got my work cut out for me now…thanks for the website. I will go and continue my search. Thanks again…
I don’t think “spider” or the first guy took the time to read my question. I am interested in Metaphysical/New Age FICTION. I have read “Zen” and yes, it’s a nice book but it is not what I am looking for. Please take the time to read the questions you are answering. Neither you or the first answer could possibly be the best answer because you didn’t answer my question. I already know the meaning of “Metaphysical”. I do not need a lesson on that. I realise you think you are being quite intelligent but you are not. In any case, I was only given one answer to my question that was an actual answer so therefore, that person will get the “best answer” award. Thank you for your help, best answer. I love the page you gave me and found exactly what I was looking for from your answer! Have a nice day.
Thank you Blue…you too, answered my question with lots of helpful information. You are right on about those authors. The books I have found are great and I now have a lot of research to do finding and listing the ones I want to read. Thank you so much.

Best answer:

Answer by Madz
For metaphysics and philosophy, I recommend “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” by Robert Pirsig.

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4 Responses to Looking for novels of a metaphysical nature?

  • womanwiccan says:

    Try looking for metaphysical fiction.

  • o41655 says:

    You’re right. New Age fiction is almost certainly what you want.
    Take a look at this website:

    Alternate realities, futuristic fiction, and so for are often classified as New Age.

    But you can also try the term Occult Fiction.

  • Clrinsight says:

    Look up the definition of metaphysical – met?a?phys?i?cal? /?m?t??f?z?k?l/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[met-uh-fiz-i-kuhl] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
    1.pertaining to or of the nature of metaphysics.
    a.concerned with abstract thought or subjects, as existence, causality, or truth.
    b.concerned with first principles and ultimate grounds, as being, time, or substance.
    3.highly abstract, subtle, or abstruse.
    4.designating or pertaining to the poetry of an early group of 17th-century English poets, notably John Donne, whose characteristic style is highly intellectual and philosophical and features intensive use of ingenious conceits and turns of wit.
    5.Archaic. imaginary or fanciful.
    Go with Zen and the art of motorcycle maintanance – the first guy WAS right, give him best answer then read this book, it will answer your questions or give you alot more…

  • BlueManticore says:

    You might find have some luck if you look under “Supernatural Fiction” or “New Age Fiction.” Other than that, you might have some luck narrowing your search by looking for “Psychic fiction” or “Witch fiction.”

    I like to read these sort of books too.
    You might be interested in these authors.
    Martha C. Lawrence
    Karen Irving
    Lois Duncan
    M. R. Sellars
    Isobel Bird
    Cate Tiernan
    Vivian Vande Velde
    S. D. Tooley
    Lee Driver
    Silver Ravenwolf
    Rosemary Edghill
    Celia Rees

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